How To Apply Your Fragrance

How to apply your fragrance so the scent you love lasts. Fragrances available today last far longer than they ever did before. For example, the scent "Lasting”, by Revlon is known to keep its aroma for at least ten hours.

How To Apply Your Fragrance

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Before you purchase a fragrance you should always apply it to your skin to sample its scent. It is worth noting that fragrances smell different on everyone because we all have unique body chemistry. 

Easy Tips to Applying Your Favorite Fragrance 

The fragrance should be sprayed on the inside of your wrist and be allowed to warm and soak into your flesh. The oils in your body will determine how the fragrance smells on you. Never trust the scent of a fragrance sprayed on a cardboard sample as it will only give you an idea of how the fragrance smells, but will not tell you how it will react with your body chemistry.

Do not rush into a decision as to whether or not a fragrance is right for you. After you apply the perfume leave it to settle on your skin for at least twenty minutes or even up to an hour before you make a choice. Even better, smell your skin every few hours to see if the fragrance retains its fragrance and lasts.

It is important that a fragrance lasts for a long time. You should always keep in mind that fragrance’s do not have the same effect of everyone, some scents react well on certain individuals and not on others.

Once you have applied your fragrance to your wrist, do not rub the scent onto your other wrist as this can change the scent of the fragrance a great deal. Your breasts, around the ankles, the sides of the neck, and behind your knees are known as pulse points and is therefore the most ideal place to apply fragrance.

You should always be careful when spraying on a perfume if you wear a watch or bracelet. This is because your fragrance can react to any leather, plastic, or metal that the jewelry is made up of leaving the material dull.

How To Apply Your Fragrance So It Lasts

If you have dry skin you may find that you need to reapply your fragrance more frequently and if you have oily or combination skin less often. This is because skin that is dry does not hold fragrance as well as skin that has more oil.

Do not test too many fragrances as any one time. If you try out too many new fragrances at one, you sense of smell will become perplexed and will not be able to decipher between scents. It is better to test a few fragrances and then determine what it is that you like best. 

When applying a fragrance always remember that less is actually better. This is especially true if you are attending an event where there is apt to be a large number of people. A light spray of fragrance on a pulse point should be all that you need to smell wonderful. It is also important to note that events with a large number of people are bound to find most people wearing a fragrance so you don’t want to find your fragrance to be overwhelming. 

Here are some helpful tips on how to apply your fragrance when you need a softer touch. When attending an event is to spritz the outside of your hand instead of your wrist. This is a good idea because it will let the fragrance work in an outward direction this will leave your scent light and gentle. Another idea is to spray your fragrance in the air and then walk through the scent as it settles around you.

This is a slight yet successful way of apply your fragrance. Allowing the fragrance to fall on your clothing will not effect the garment in a negative way at all.

As you age, it is also a good idea to apply less of your favorite fragrance. Our sense of smell diminishes a bit as we age and this can result in an individual not being aware if they have applied too much perfume. Never assume that just because you can not smell your fragrance strongly that others can not either. 

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