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How To Apply Goth Makeup

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Goth make up tips and gothic make up ideas for dark beauty.
It may be sunny outside, but it’s always raining in your dark, tortured heart.  Maybe you’re a lover of the bands the Cure, Joy Division, and Bauhaus, and you’re probably wearing black right now, and a fan of tragic romantic poetry, vampire movies and horror movie makeup.     

You just might be a gothic beauty and gothic girl!  Maybe you’re new to the scene, maybe you’re revisiting your teen years, maybe Halloween is around the corner – whatever you’re motivation, here are some beauty tips to get your Goth glam on and how to apply goth makeup.


Arguably the most important part of the Goth look is a smooth, paper white complexion.  If you were cursed with color in your cheeks, you’ll most likely achieve this look with a very light or white foundation.  Punky Goth lines like Manic Panic have been churning out fairly breathable white foundations for many years. 


You can also pick up the lightest base shade manufactured by any of the major lines, from Cover Girl at the drugstore to MAC at the department stores. 

What you definitely want to avoid is picking up the tubes of white face paint that are found at Halloween stores and costume shops.  They are not designed for everyday use, and are incredibly difficult to blend into any sort of presentable finish.   

How To Apply Goth Makeup

In your pursuit of the palest skin possible, you may be spending a lot of time undercover with a full face of foundation.

You’ve got to let your skin have a break from time to time, and step up your care for the day to day. 

Be a good little Goth, and slather your face and body with the highest SPF sGoth Makeup Stylesun block you can get your black fingernailed hands on.  Cleanse, tone, and moisturize every morning before you put your face on, and every night before hitting the pillow. 

Sleeping in a face full of heavy makeup will be murder on your skin

How To Apply Goth Makeup
Gothic Eye Make Up

The basic for a smokin’ hot gothic eye is a good, heavily pigmented black eye shadow.  You’ll want to prime your eye with a base (MAC paint is a good one in Untitled) to keep that shadow in place. 

Start by blending that black shadow on the top lid from the outside corner in, giving a smoky appearance that fades out a bit towards the inner corner. 

Line eyes with a bold black liquid liner (this can be tricky and takes a bit of practice) along the top and bottom, that meet at a point at the inside corner of the eye, and wing out a big on the outside, giving a very angled, cat-eye appearance.

Add a bit of smoky shadow with an angle brush along the bottom.  Finish with several coats of mascara. 


Goth Makeup StylesThe good thing about the Goth look, is that even if you’ve made a mistake or two on your eyes, you can blend and rub out the shadow, liner, and mascara a bit and still end up with a smudgy, sexy, slept-in-my-makeup (although you know that’s not a no-no) look that will further prove how tragic and carefully carelessly planned your appearance is.

Most Goth looks skip the cheek color, but you may want to up your gaunt factor by accentuating the hollows of your cheeks with a deep matte blush in a cool tone.  Suck in your cheeks and with an angled blush brush, apply color just under the lines of your cheekbones.

Traditional lip colors range from black to a blood red to purple. When dealing with such dark, dramatic colors, be sure to keep them tidy by lining precisely with either a nude or even a black lip liner, and fill in the lip area to give that bold color something to grab on to.  

Finish this Goth look with an angsty sneer, and you’re ready to head off to the Dresden Dolls show!



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How To Apply Goth Makeup

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