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History Of The Inverted Bob Hair Style

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 The History Of The Inverted Bob Hair Style
The bob is a stylish hairstyle that appeared in the early 1920’s. Women in the 1920 cut their long hair off to get the bob hairstyle. It was a statement of independence. Then, it was also a try to show that they were equal to men.

Back then the hairstyle, worn straight and flat on top or with one little wave across the top done with a Marcel iron. A fashion hit and since then, it has made an impression on all women.

History Of The Inverted Bob Hair Style
A particular hairstyle is a bob, cut with a weighted area falling anywhere from just below the ears to just below the chin. This style is adaptable to many facial features and textures of hair.

With the ease of styling, most adaptations are likely reasons for its tendency to keep reappearing on the style scene.

It dos not matter if you have curly hair or straight hair there is a bob haircut to fit about every face and lifestyle.


bob hairstyleMany celebrities have gone with the inverted bob hairstyle. One celebrity named Jennifer Aspen has a wonderful bob hairstyle. Not only is she already beautiful but she has wonderful hair.

Jennifer Aspen is sporting a sexy chin length bob that anyone would love to have. Jennifer is a wonderful celebrity role model for all of us who need a little inspiration to create new looks. Jennifer normally wears her hair chin length or shorter but she is always popping up with new hairstyles as she hits the red carpet.

History Of The Inverted Bob Hair Style
Modern & Classic

Bobs can be modern and classic.
Classic straight bobs have straight line cuts that make the hairstyle comfortable and easy to wear.

There is little or no styling needed, a brush or a comb is all that you will need to make this hairstyle complete.The jaw length bob is perfect for all of you that would like to grow your hair back out in the future. It is neither long nor short, it is the perfect length.

It is also perfect for those of you who have never had long hair and you are not sure if you would like to grow it out long or not yet.

graduated bob hairstyleIf you want to highlight your facial features, you should go with the short sleek single length bob because this is this hairstyles favorite to do.

Overall it is up to you what bob hairstyle that you choose, there are many out there for you to choose from.

I hope that you find the right one for you, make sure that when you are considering your new bob that you add in all the features that you have and try to pick a bob that will highlight them.


Marcel Iron - A curling iron that your hand will close and open.
There is no spring to cause the iron to close and your hand controls the pressure on the hair.
A must have for the 1920 bob.


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