Hillary Duff Makeup Style

Hillary Duff Makeup

Hilary's skin positively glows; you too can have radiant skin. With hoola by Benefit, you will have a natural bronze look. You will look as if you've spent hours lounging in the sun. Dust this product gently across cheeks, chin and forehead to create a soft, tanned appearance.

On skin tones that are darker, use the fantail brush to apply all over for a medium to deep tanned look.

On a lighter skin tone, use the slant powder brush to form your cheekbones, jaw line and down the center of your nose.

High Beam is the top-secret product of many Hollywood make-up artists.

This shiny pink highlighter will form your complexion into a young, glowing appearance like Hilary’s.

You can use it to highlight specific spots or blend it all over your skin.

You will be left with a sultry glow.

All you need to do is use the brush to draw an X on the apple of each cheek.

Smooth with your fingertips in an upward, outward motion

Hillary Duff Makeup Style

You can try mixing a small amount together with your moisturizer for a radiant glimmer like Hilary’s.

Hilary’s look is so chic and elegant. For your next event let your eyes dazzle the crowd. Ooh la lift is a magnificent, pink balm will strengthen the area under your eye for a youthful appearance.

Botanicals and light reflecting pigments are blended together to provide you with sparkling eyes. Three dots dabbed under your eye area either over or under make-up will create a cooling sensation.

Hilary’s brows are the picture of arched perfection. Treat your brows to a set by taming and tinting them with speed brow 01. Sweep this product on your brow in one stroke following the line of your brow and allowing it to dry to a matte finish.

Mr. frosty will make your eyes appear wide-awake and alert no matter what time of day or night. Use this white pencil to draw along the inner ridge of your lower lash line for a bright, sexy look. You can also opt to use this pencil by Benefit as a brow bone highlighter.

benefit lip jewelsFor a night on the town look like Hilary’s; apply a soft eye shadow of your choice by Benefit in a gentle, neutral shade over your entire lid.

Carefully smudge a darker shadow along the inner crease of your eyelid for a dramatic nighttime effect. Line your lids with sable eyeliner and finish the effect with a layer of BADgal lash.

Because her eyes are daring and dramatic, Hilary has opted to tone down the look of her lips. They are subtle and soft in a delicate shade of pink.

To recreate Hilary’s lip look and to create your own masterpiece for your mouth, select one of the delightful shades of lip jewels available from Benefit.

Enjoy Hilary Duff Makeup Style

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It's All About Having Fun And Feeling Great! We agree that the whole reason behind makeup should be to make us feel good, and when you do feel good, it's beautiful...so go ahead and smile…makeup is finally what it is supposed be.

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Hillary Duff Makeup Style

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