Compliment Your Heart Face Shape

The main characteristics of a heart face shape or inverted triangle shape are fuller and wider at your forehead.  This tapers down to the cheeks, then down to a narrow and sometimes pointed chin. The jaw line on this facial shape is not usually prominent.

Heart Facial Shapes

If you have a heart face shape, it is important to know and understand what types of makeup and jewelry will compliment your features.

Here, you will be introduced to various tips and tricks you can use to bring out your natural features when you have a heart shaped face.

When choosing makeup and jewelry for this face shape, you must ensure that it will put a little extra width to the chin. You also want to draw attention to the middle area of your face. Here, we will review makeup and jewelry for the heart or inverted triangle face shape.

You’re Objective

A hairstyle that gives the illusion of a narrower forehead and fuller jaw line. You want to diminish the width at the forehead and create a wider, fuller jaw effect for your face shape.

Hairstyles to Compliment Heart Face Shapes

Styling your hair shorter with a center part will help you achieve the look of longer line.

For this face shape it is your eyes and cheekbones that tend to be the focal points of your face, so you'll want to draw attention to these features by keeping your top layers soft and long if you have short hair.

Side-swept bangs can have the same effect If you have long hair, go for long, wavy layers that graze your cheekbones, this will downplay a pointed chin.

Any styles you wear should be fuller at the top than at the jaw line. Upswept at the sides and off the forehead is a flirty look for you that play up your best features. Fullness at the bottom, with hair directed forward onto the cheeks gives you the appearance of a wider chin.

Wisps on the jaw area or wavy bangs can help give a wider, rounder appearance that evens out face. If you are a dramatic heart shape you need to leave weight in the back nape area.

This will achieve more balance between your dramatic cheekbones and more narrowing chin. The soft layered bob styles are ideal.

Or if you prefer, curls or loose waves, shaped from the ears down, add width and fullness to your chin.

Curls or loose waves, shaped from the ears down, will add width and fullness to your chin. Up-swept at the sides and off the forehead further emphasize your feminine appeal.

Hairstyles to Avoid For Heart Face Shapes

  • Avoid styles that cling closely to your face, mirroring the heart shape, as well as blunt-cut bangs and harsh, choppy layers.
  • Any styles shorter than your jaw line. 
  • Height at the crown.
  • Severe looks that are swept back do not enhance a heart face shape.

Your Jewlery

As for jewelry, you will want to choose items that make the bottom of the face appear wider. Necklaces that are worn close to the neck, like chokers, and tight fitting necklaces are great choices.

Those that have amulets and various pieces attached to them are also beneficial for the heart shape face. Wide earrings that dangle from the ears make the most appropriate for this face shape.

The Heart Face Shape

Makeup Tips

With this face shape, it is common to have width at the forehead and the cheek area. The face generally narrows at the chin. Your goal with your makeup is to create a more oval face shape.

The first thing that you should consider when it comes to makeup application when it comes to the heart face shape is the contour that you want to accomplish.

The most common way to develop the appearance of specific contours is to use pressed powder or liquid foundation in certain areas of the face.

The goal is to make the areas that have little width to appear as though they are wider than they are. The foundation and the pressed powder that you use to achieve this task should be up to one shade darker than your skin.

Many even elect to use various types of bronzes. It is important to ensure that if you use this strategy that it is blended well within the skin.

When using blush, it is important to go with colors that closely resemble your natural skin shade. If you wish to go a bit darker, it is appropriate to go up to two shades darker.

This coloring will help to ensure that you are bringing out the natural contour of the jaw line, but not overwhelming the center of the face with excessive width.

Your Blush

When applying the blush, you should apply it in a vertical sweep. It is not advisable to sweep in a complete vertical manner, but slightly angle the sweep towards the ears to ensure a natural flow of contour.

Your Eye Makeup

When selecting eye makeup for the heart shape face, it is important to remember that the eyes are a focal point for this face shape. Having attention drawn to the eyes will take the attention away from the narrow chin and jawline area.

Many individuals who have the heart face shape will use dark eyeliners and a mixture of eye shades in order to make the eyes stand out.

It is best to apply the eyeliner just below the eyelashes on the top lid, as well as just below the eyes. You should then select a dark color of eyeshadow to place along the bend in the top eyelid.

Once this has been accomplished, a light shade of eye makeup should be placed on the upper lid, and a darker one placed on the lower lid.

Your Lipstick

If you want to bring attention to the mouth area, you should highlight it with a dark colored lip pencil and then fill in the middle lip with the liner.

This will bring attention to the lips and will also ensure that the lips appear fuller. This is a great way to add width to the narrow area of the chin.

Your Eyewear

Angular or squares frames that do not extend past your cheekbones will be your most flattering choice. 

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