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Headbands Create Easy Up Dos For Shorter Hair

There are times, even when you have shorter hair that you want to wear an updo. This look can be hard to obtain however when you have cropped locks.

One option is to use a headband. Headbands create easy updos for shorter hair. 

Shorter hairstyles are wonderful because they are generally very easy to style and maintain.

Not only that, short hairstyles tend to show off your fabulous features beautifully. The downside to a shorter haircut however can be the limitations.

Often when you have short hair, you are restricted to only a few variations in your hairstyle.

People tend to think that when your locks are cropped that you can not have something as creative as an updo. The good news however, is that is not true at all.

Creating An Updo Look For Short Hair

Even if your tresses are trimmed short, you can still wear an updo. Updo’s are a great look for many different occasions.

No longer just for formal events, an updo can be sported on every day of the week anytime of the night or day.

Sometimes all that it takes is the right products and hair accessories to create exactly the look that you want for your short hair. Headbands can be used to create an easy updo for shorter hair.

If you are not comfortable trying to create an updo with just your own hair, you can always opt for some help. Faux hairpieces are a great option when fashioning an updo for shorter hair.

Your headband can hold the faux hair in place and you can style the piece along with your own tresses into the updo hairstyle of your choice.

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How To Style It

If you do opt to play with your own short tresses, there are a few different ways you can create an updo for your hair.

For shorter hair that still has some length on the top, start by putting on the headband of your choice. You can then separate your hair into sections that are about 2 inches.

Create a loose twist and pin each of the sections towards the back of your head. This will give the appearance of your locks being pinned up.

Spray liberally with hairspray to ensure your updo stays in place.

Another fabulous updo created with the help of headbands can be worn to either a casual or dressy event.

  • Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type
  • Apply styling mud or gel throughout your hair with your fingers
  • Blow-dry while scrunching at the roots of your hair
  • Use a rattail comb to back comb your hair and add height
  • Put on the headband of your choice towards the middle of your head
  • Push the headband forward so you have some lift at the front
  • Use pins to clip sections from the back of your hair to your head
  • Or, use small elastics to create as many little ponytails around your head as you desire
  • Mist with plenty of hairspray for hold

The length of your locks does not have to hold you back from sporting a great updo. Headbands can be used to create an easy updo for short hair.

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Headbands Create Easy Up Dos
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