Half Up Half Down Grad Hairstyle

A Makeover For Grad


Your Grad is a special night and therefore it goes without saying that you want a spectacular look. A half up half down hairstyle with ringlets is the perfect long hairstyle for Grad, Prom, or Homecoming.

This gorgeous hairstyle will compliment virtually any style of gown you may be wearing to your Grad. However, just picture your long curly locks cascading down your back in an off the shoulder gown

Every eye will be on you and your spectacular half up half down long hairstyle with ringlets. Always remember to make sure that you practice your Grad hairstyle at home a few times before the big night!

Although this young woman is wearing somewhat of a side swept fringe with her half up half down long ringlet hairstyle, you can modify the look to work with whatever type of bang you prefer.

If possible, wash your hair the day before Grad instead of the actual day. Hair that is not freshly washed holds curl and updo hairstyles better.

After washing, set your damp locks on small rag, foam or spiral rods to create an abundance of tiny curls.

View the before and after grad hairstyle of our model at page bottom, the transformation is amazing and shows just how much impact a makeover can have.


Half Up Half Down Grad Hairstyle Styling Steps


Styling Steps Use a comb to gather all of the hair on either side of the head above the ears and pull into a half ponytail that rests high on the crown of your head.
Styling Steps Join the hair to form a very tight angled ponytail.
Place the 2nd finger of your right hand 1 1/2 inches below the new half ponytail base on top of the ponytail.
Styling Steps Fold the entire half pony up towards the ceiling and over your finger forming a small loop. Secure the new hair loop in place.
Styling Steps Still holding the new hair loop use bobby pins to secure the top of the loop in place.
Styling Steps Remove your fingers and flatten the loop softly against your head.
Carefully pin the bottom of the loop. This allows the ringlets to be lifted higher up at the back of your crown.
Styling Steps Hold the ringlets with a pinned seam so that the ringlets in your half updo gently cascade down your remaining hair.
Styling Steps Carefully clip this cascading hair out of the way.
Styling Steps Dive the remaining hair from the bottom into two equal sections that are parted straight down the middle.
Styling Steps Pull first one and then the other section of the two bottom hair sections up and over the half pony section so that the hair is up near the base of the half pony.
Make certain each section is secured firmly once it is positioned.
Styling Steps Pin each section of the bottom hair sections allowing the ringlets to cascade down from the base of the first half pony.
Styling Steps Remove the clip from the half pony ringlets that were pinned to the side.
Styling Steps Using your fingers, blend and merge the hair together with the ringlets from the bottom sections of your hair.
Styling Steps Allow long sections to cascade in tendrils down around your face. If you prefer your tendrils to have tighter curl, use a small barreled curling iron as desired.
Mist with hair shine if desired.
Spritz with hairspray for hold.


This hairstyle would look gorgeous with or without ornamental clips. If you wish to use fresh flowers to decorate your hair, wait until just before leaving for Grad night to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible.


Half Up Half Down Grad Hairstyle
This before and after grad makeover shows the full impact a makeup and hairstyle makeover can have.



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