Cute Hairstyles For Toddler Boys

Hairstyles for toddler boys have come such a long way; there is a style to suit every little boy's personality and hair type.

There are such a large number of hairstyles you can pick when it is time to take your toddler boy in to get his haircut.

Even with toddler's you should always pick a hairstyle that works with their hair type, instead of trying to fight it. Not all cuts work with every hair texture, although often a style you like can be modified to suit your toddler boy's hair texture.

Before deciding on a hairstyle for your toddler boy, ask yourself how much time and effort you are willing to put into maintaining a certain look.

toddler boys faux hawk hair

Determine if you want a whole new look for your toddler, or just a simple trim to neaten his current style. Often times, especially if it is before their first haircut, toddler boys will have fine hair.

However, some toddler's will already have locks that are thicker or coarser. Your stylist can help you determine what type of hair your toddler boy has and the style that will suit them the best.

Also keep your little guys personality and your family lifestyle in mind when picking hairstyles for toddler boys..

Busy toddler's and active families would probably prefer easy to care for hairstyles that do not take a lot of work and effort to maintain.

Chances are good, that your toddler boy is always on the go. This often means that his hair will end up falling forward and being tousled by the end of the day.

A hairstyle clipped to work with this, may be a suitable option for your young boy.

toddler boys spiky hair style

A cut that is neatly trimmed around the edges and prevents the hair from falling into your toddler boy's eyes will come through playtime and nap time easily.

A quick arranging with your fingers is all it takes to keep this hairstyle looking neat. Many parents still favor crew cuts, even on toddler boys.

A crew cut is the easiest hairstyle to look after, as there is no styling work involved at all. A crew cut guarantees that your toddler boy's locks will always be presentable.

However, some young children are afraid of clippers and you may have a hard time getting your toddler to sit while his head is being shaved.

A very popular hairstyle for toddler boys is the slight sweep. With this hairstyle, the hair is parted to one side and cut short and neat. Styling this look simply requires you to part the hair in the middle and comb it towards one side.

toddler boys side swept hairstyle

This hairstyle can see your toddler boy through casual days and special occasions with no problem at all. The comb down is a very simple style that suits almost all toddler boys.

With this hairstyle, the hair is a little above the eyebrows and combed straight down on all sides. On the sides, the hair is longer than it would be with a crew cut, but still maintains a carefully cropped, neat appearance.

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Hairstyles For Toddler Boys
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: February 2, 2015

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Hairstyles For Toddler Boys