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Haircuts for Older Women
With Oval Face Shapes

older womens hairstyle for oval face shapeOvals face shapes are considered to be the most ideal of all. When your face is oval, your forehead and jaw are about the same width, while the crown and chin finish in subtle points.

This shape can wear virtually any haircut with style! A casual short haircut for older women with older face shapes is an ideal choice.

You need to bear in mind however, when picking a hairstyle that you have to take your facial features into account as well. You want to make sure that your short, casual hairstyle draws attention to your best features and minimizes your worst.

Your hair type will also determine the best short, casual hairstyle for your oval face shape.

Typically, older women with oval face shapes look amazing in casual short cuts that are styled with their hair off of the face. Styles that can be slicked back usually look lovely as well.

You will want to avoid short cuts that cover up your features and mask your face shape with heavy bangs, or styles that direct the hair too forward. This can add the appearance of extra weight to your face, and is aging as well.

Seventy-five year old actress Joanne Woodward has shown the world for decades, that a casual, short cut is elegant and chic on an older woman.

Joanne’s chin length bob is layered enough to create fullness on the top but still leaves the bottom thick.

She wears her hair pushed back off of her face at the sides and front.

This casual short hairstyle works well to show off her stunning eyes, beautiful cheekbones and graceful eyebrows. As you age, wearing styles that highlight your features will take attention away from skin that may be showing signs of age.

Joanne Woodward’s short, casual hairstyle may be the ideal choice for your oval face shape.

Casual Short Haircuts for Older Women With Oval Face Shapes Styling Steps

style Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition.

style If your hair is white, we suggest using a clarifying shampoo once weekly to avoid discoloring in your locks.

style Disperse a small amount of styling gel through damp locks with your fingers.

style Blow dry, using a large round brush for fullness. If desired, use a large barreled curling iron to create shape and body in your hairstyle.

style You are looking to create fullness, not curl. Arrange your locks with your fingers as desired.

style Mist lightly with hairspray for hold.


Casual Short Haircuts for Older Women With Oval Face Shapes

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