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A good Hair Styles Gallery can your source of inspiration and motivation for a new hairstyle, a hairstyle makeover, or to update your current hairstyle.

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View Over 75 Hair Galleries

You would have to thumb through an impossible amount of women's hairstyle magazines to view the amount of hairstyle pictures and photos on Beauty And The Bath. The ever growing selection of women's hair style galleries are now listed in a new menu panel.

Browsing The Hair Styles Gallery

Our Hair Styles Gallery lets you comfortably browse for a little styling inspiration and to help you find your dream hair. The Gallery is fast growing and always updated with new styles and trends for each season.

Asymmetrical Hairstyles

short asymmetrical hairstyles galleryShort Asymmetrical Haircuts
A fun choice for short hair, styles include short asymmetrical bob haircuts and other popular styles

medium assymetricla hairstyles galleryMedium Asymmetrical Cut Hairstyles
An asymmetrical cut in a medium length hairstyles get some very dramatic effects

long asymmetrical hairstyles galleryLong Asymmetric Hair
Long hair becomes a very cool hairstyle when cut with asymmetrical lines, try one of these long asymmetrical bob hairstyles that instantly give long hair a modern and edgy look

asymmerical hairstyles hot colorAsymmetrical Hairstyles
Asymmetrical hair styles gallery can help you find to what degree of excitement you can handle, This already on the edge style goes even further this season with color that is more dynamic and a new shattered length, the new asymmetrical bangs may be just at your level

asymmetrical hairstyles galleryAsymmetrical Hairstyles One
New angles and lines for asymmetrical hair

Bangs And Fringes Hair Style Galleries

Bangs And Fringes Hairstyles 1
The cure for fried bangs, Everyone at one point and time has an accident and fries their bangs, there is relief out there in the form of treatments especially for damaged/colored treated hair and dry/damaged hair

Bangs And Fringes Hairstyles 2
A great new way to help keep the color in your hair longer between appointments is to use a Hair Color Touch up Stick

Bangs And Fringes Hairstyles 3
Summer is soon to arrive and the scoops on this season’s seven hottest beauty trends are out and ready for you to join in

Bangs And Fringes Hairstyles
You would have to return to the 1980's to see the last time that bangs and fringes played such an important role in hair style trends. At that time the style to wear was the mall bang

Swoop Bangs And Fringes Hairstyles
Swoop bangs and fringes pictures shown in a variety of hairstyles and face shapes, Swoop bangs or fringes can be worn in any length, short, medium, or long. Any hair texture or type works as well, curly, wavy, straight, or kinky

Chignon Bun Hairstyles
Chignon Bun Hair Styles Gallery
This hair gallery features photos and pictures of chignon hairstyles, view many ways to style and fashion the chignon bun hairstyle to suit your need and your occasion. Chignon buns can be easily styled for formal, messy, prom, and bridal looks

Long Hair Styles Gallery

Long Long Hair
A hairstyle gallery featuring hairstyles waist length. Inspiration to grow your hair longer!

Long Natural Curly Hairstyles
Long Natural Curly Hair Styles Gallery
A large number of women are blessed with naturally curly hair, view this gallery for long natural curly hairstyles and see how many styling options there can be. When your locks are long and your hair is naturally curly, you have glorious, flowing tresses that are the envy of many

Long Wavy Hairstyles
Long Wavy Hair Styles Gallery
Long wavy hair does not just look amazing; it also provides an abundance of styling options for women. It does not matter if you do not have waves courtesy of Mother Nature; you can still create stunning wavy hairstyles for your long hair

Straight Smooth And Sleek Long Hair Styles Gallery
Long Straight Hairstyles
Sleek and smooth long styles featuring hairstyles with beautiful black or dark brown hair shades

Straight Smooth And Sleek Long Hair Styles Gallery - 1

Runway And Extreme Long Hairstyles
Runway And Extreme Long Hair Styles Gallery
Below is a list of the world's top fashion designers and labels. Their clothes and the hair styles worn with them set the pace for what will be worn for casual everyday, formal, bridal, office, and any special occasions

Runway And Extreme Long Hairstyles One
Runway And Extreme Long Hair Styles Gallery One
Runway and Extreme long hairstyles are certainly not for everyone. Only the very bold, brazen and brave may want to duplicate them exactly. However, they are perfectly suited to show off the haute couture clothing on the fashion runways each season. The intense hairstyles for runway extreme hairstyles are full of attitude

Soft Updo Style

Medium Hair Galleries

Medium Hairstyles
Medium Hair Styles Gallery
The rule of thumb for medium hair used to be just touching the shoulders. Now with so many new cuts involving layers, flared ends, and shattered texture it is sometimes hard to determine just what a true medium length is

Medium Hairstyles One
Medium Hair Styles Gallery One
For your hair to look its best you will have to know a little bit about it. The more you can learn about your hair, its texture, and condition the better you will be able to care for it and make any needed improvements

Medium Hairstyles Two
Medium Hair Styles Gallery Two
There are times you may feel as if you want to make a hairstyle change. If you currently have a long hairstyle, going short is not always an simple decision

Medium Hairstyles Three
Medium Hair Styles Gallery Three
Less bother than long hair, with more length to play with than short hair, having a medium hairstyle is to have the best of both worlds

Medium Hairstyles Four

Short Hair Style Galleries

Tomboy Hairstyles
Short and easy tomboy hairstyles gallery featuring KD Lang and how to style her tomboy hairstyle

Short Hairstyles And Short Haircuts
Short Hairstyles And Short Haircuts Gallery
Now by 2006, short hair styles are worn by celebrities, (Meg Ryan is a favorite to follow), to the girly girl who for years clung to her long curls and waves

Short Hairstyles ~ Gallery One
Short Hair Styles Gallery One
Topping the lists for manageability, versatility, and styling freedom, is rightly so, the short hair style, The many transformations and variations of the short styles enable any woman to find a short hair style that reflects her own personal style

Short Hairstyles ~ Gallery Two
Short Hair Styles Gallery Two
Could you imagine waking up and not having to do anything to your hair but brush it? Well, if this describes the hairstyle that you want and you have short hair, you are in luck because I have some tips for you that might just enable you to do just that

Short Hairstyles ~ Gallery Three
Short Hair Styles Gallery Three
Lisa Rinna is a short hair goddess.  This star is a classic example of a strand savvy woman knowing what style looks great on her and sticking with it to her best advantage

Short Hairstyles ~ Gallery Four
Short Hair Styles Gallery Four
Taking regular care of you hair can be hard to do if you have a busy schedule. Sometimes there may not be enough time in the day for you to take and spend time taking care of your hair. However, once in a while you need to take five or ten minutes to focus directly on just that

Short Hairstyles~ Gallery Five
Short Hair Styles Gallery Five
So many hair care products contain harsh chemicals; your hair could use a break from this and would respond to these natural home remedies Two essential oils Ylang ylang and rosemary stimulate our natural hair growth

Very Short Hairstyle Galleries

Elfin Hairstyles
Elfin Hairstyles And Haircuts
A gallery featuring classic elfin hairstyles and haircuts and updated edgy styles

Very Short Hair Styles
Very Short Hair Styles Gallery
At the top of the hair styles gallery list for manageability, versatility, and style is the very short hair style. The many variations of this short hair style and how it transforms to any age group has it fast becoming a very popular hair style

Very Short Hair Styles
Very Short Hair Styles Gallery One
Vive la Change! You most likely know a woman who has taken the step and had the big cut. Many times this cut usually when a big life change or ending a relationship

Very Short Styles Two
Very Short Hair Styles Gallery Two
It is a color change, rather than a cut, that is your easiest way to create a change and still leave you with the choice to reverse it. The cut is more permanent as it grows out slowly, at a little more than half an inch a month

Super Short Hairstyles
Super Short Hairstyles
A gallery of super short hairstyle pictures inspired by Jo, who took scissors and razor to cut her own super super short hairstyle

Virtual Hairstyles

Our motto is Try Before You Cry

Virtual hairstyle memberships are a good investment for your hair, designed to take the guess work out of finding or updating your hairstyle and bridge the gap between your deciding to change your style and having your style changed.

With virtual hairstyles you are provided with a fun and pain free way to view your uploaded photo or a model photo with thousands of virtual hairstyles and colors to suit your face shape, including short, long, wavy, curly, bridal, men's, celebrity and everyday hairstyles.

Short Trendy Style
Medium Style

Three month membership are as low as $14.95. The programs you will find featured on Beauty And The Bath are:

A Consultation With A Stylist

Your having a stylist who can cut and style your hair exactly as you described it or showed to her, does, not unfortunately always happen. It takes communication on her part as well as yours.

If you are making drastic changes in length, color, or texture, a pre consultation is preferred. Most salons are now offering this service, if however your salon does not and it is your first appointment with a new stylist, insist, {elegantly course} that she, herself examine your hair when it is dry and styled by you.

Many hair mistakes could be avoided if one person whisks you off for the shampoo and then another cuts. If you have naturally curly hair, you know it can shrink up to two inches when dry, your hair is never the same length dry as it is wet.

If your stylist does not visually show you what she means by just the ends or a few inches, have her show you on her fingers or long tailed comb. We may have all encountered a stylist who suggested a cut or style, that we knew we would not be happy with.

If this happens in your salon visit, do not be shy or intimidated to express your concerns and saying no to it. Hair terminology is also a very important area where you must communicate. If you are not up on the latest hair buzz words, describe what you wish in the simplest terms possible.

It rings true here, that a picture is worth a thousand words. Bring yours! Your stylist should be skilled to take into account your face shape, hair texture and condition, and your life style. As you stay with one stylist and she gets to know both you and your hair better, you will find it easier to communicate and your loyalty will be rewarded by great hair styling.

Your stylist should be skilled to take into account your face shape, hair texture and condition, and your life style. As you stay with one stylist and she gets to know both you and your hair better, you will find it easier to communicate and your loyalty will be rewarded by great hair styling.

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Updated December 20, 2011

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Asian Hair Galleries

Asian Hairstyles

cool aian hairstyle galleryCool Asian Hairstyles
Pictures of cool Asian hairstyles and how to style a choppy layered style

short asian hairstyle galleryShort Asian Hairstyles
Featurting pictures of short Asian Hairstyles and how to style a chic short style that suits any age woman

medium asian hairstyle galleryMedium Asian Hairstyles
Medium Asian Hair Style Gallery Pictures of medium length Asian hairstyles with DIY styling instructions for a great style that compliments the Asian face shape and eyes

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Long Asian Hairstyle Gallery Pictures of long Asian hairstyles with a modern look and colors Style this trendy long layered Asian style

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This year, there are many different Asian hairstyles that are setting trends. One of the most popular trendsetters includes Asian Bobs

Trendy Hairstyle Galleries

Round Curly Hairstyles

Round Curly Hairstyles Gallery
Popular round curly hairstyles in short, medium natural and loose styles

Choppy Hairstyles

Choppy Hairstyles Gallery
Short, medium, and long layered and choppy hairstyles and haircuts

Bohemian Hairstyles

Bohemian Hairstyles Gallery
Get ideas for a modern Bohemian hairstyle from the pictures in this gallery and diy styling steps for the Boho look

Pink Hairstyle Pictures
A Hairstyle gallery of some very funky pink tresses.

big frizzy hairBig Frizzy Hairstyles
Maybe it’s time to shake what your mama gave you and enjoy the natural texture and volume of your big, bigger, biggest hair

Ponytail Hairstyle Galleries

Ponytail Hairstyles
Ponytails One
Featuring pictures of high ponytails, elegant ponytails, and flirty pigtails
No longer just for young girls, the ponytail is a chic and trendy way to style your hair. Housewife, career woman, party girl, or a combination of all, there is a ponytail for you

High Ponytail Hairstyles

Side Ponytail Hairstyles
Ponytails Two
Featuring Pictures Of Side Ponytails
If you were to ask almost any woman what she could use more of, your bound to get the same answer- time. The side ponytail is a hairstyle that gives back some of those extra precious minutes you need to get through a busy day

Braided Ponytail Hairstyles
Ponytails Three
Featuring pictures of braided single and double ponytails
These days women are more active and fit then ever before, while it may be great for our bodies, a good workout can total a hairstyle fast. The solution is a hairstyle that can keep up, and a braided ponytail makes a great work out partner

Funky Ponytail Hairstyles
Featuring pictures of fun and very funky ponytails
Ponytails have come such a very long way from the once innocent and sweet hairstyle that popped up among schoolgirls in the 50’s. The ponytails of today are often wild and fun and definitely not for the faint of heart

Back View Of Ponytails
A unique gallery featuring pictures of ponytails from behind
Hollywood has always has its hand on the pulse of popularity. If you’re not sure what the hottest current fads and styles are, you need to look no further than tinsel town.

Trendy, hip hairstyles are no exception. Right now, the ladies whose names you see in lights are all sporting the current chicest look, the ponytail

Updo Hairstyle Galleries

Perfect for party hairstyles, wedding, bridal, special events, prom, grad, homecoming, or cotillion

Back View Updo Hairstyles
A hairstyle gallery with pictures featuring the back view of updo hairstyles

Side View Updo Hairstyles
View updo hairstyles from the side profile, updo hairstyles for bridal and wedding, prom, grad, and homecoming. Pictures are all side views!

Romantic Updo Hairstyles
Updo Hairstyles Gallery
Featuring pictures of soft romantic updos

Spiky Updo Hairstyles
Updo Hair Styles Gallery One
Featuring pictures of updo hairstyles with spikes and fans

All Up Updo Hairstyles
Updo Hair Styles Gallery Two
Featuring pictures of pretty all up styles

Sophisticated Updo Hairstyles
Updo Hair Styles Gallery Three
Featuring sophisticated updo hairstyles from the Audrey Hepburn era

Updos With Side Swept Bangs
Updo Hair Styles Gallery Four
Featuring pictures of updos with side swept bangs

All Back Updo Hairstyles
Updo Hair Styles Gallery Five
Featuring pictures of updo styles with no bangs and off the face

Updos For Thick Curly Hair
Updo Hair Styles Gallery Six
Featuring pictures of updos for thick curly hair

Funky Updo Hairstyles
Updo Hair Styles Gallery Seven
Featuring pictures of funky updo hair styles

Wedding And Bridal Hairstyle Galleries

Flower Girl Hairstyles And Ideas
Hair styles gallery featuring pictures for young and for the older flower girl. Popular styles are all up updos, buns, or long loose waves or curls

Flower girl hairstyles can be accented with floral halos, coronets, tiaras ,veils, or combs with flowers and pearls

Bridesmaid Hairstyles
Modern bridesmaid hairstyles do not have each bridesmaid wearing the same hairstyle. View this hairstyle gallery for bridesmaid hairstyle ideas and bridesmaid hair the girls will enjoy wearing

Wedding And Bridal Styles
Your wedding hair style is one of the most important and beautiful elements in your wedding plans.

Choose your style carefully, it must blend with and compliment your dress, your wedding theme, and most important you

Wedding And Bridal One
Wedding And Bridal Hair Styles Gallery One
If you’re a bride preparing for her wedding day, little details may escape your attention. The spotlight, of course, will be on you, but you want your bridesmaids, maid of honor and other members of the wedding party to look great, too

It would be awful to look at your wedding album 10 years from now and still hate your best friend’s hairstyle

Wedding And Bridal Two
Wedding And Bridal Hair Styles Gallery Two
Does A bridesmaid Pay For Her Own Hairstyle ? Make sure to discuss who will pay for the bridal party’s hair. Traditionally, bridesmaids have always footed the bills for their wedding attire, including hairstyling