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A great Hair Styles Gallery can your source of inspiration and motivation for a new hairstyle, a hairstyle makeover, or to update your current hairstyle. Explore photos of beautiful hairstyles including classics such as the bob and long, layered looks that will inspire your creativity and help you find your next style.

hair stryles gallery

Choose from pixies, short and medium hairstyles and discover how you can use color to create modern looks. Browse for styling inspiration and find your dream hair from all the new styles and trends for each season to the favorites that have stood the test of time.

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Asian Hairstyle Galleries

Asymmetrical Hairstyle Galleries

Express your unique, individual style with alternative hairstyles. Women, who want to ensure their hairstyle complements their original style, find alternative hairstyles are the perfect choice. Discover tips to help you select the best styling products, and ensure your hairstyle is a true representation of your inner spirit.

Bangs And Fringes Hairstyle Galleries

Bob Hair Styles Gallery

Discover the simplistic yet chic style of the Bob. This timeless classic continues to evolve bringing new colors, designs and trends. Suitable for all hair types, learn how to choose a Bob perfect for your face shape and hair texture, a favorite hair styles gallery.

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Special Occasion Hairstyles

From gorgeous and exquisite to breathtaking and sensational, special occasion hairstyles ensure you have the perfect style for your event. Whether looking for an elegant updo for a prom or finding inspiration for the perfect wedding day hair, these tips, techniques and tutorials are sure to please.

Up Do Hairstyle Galleries

Wedding Hairstyle Galleries

Hairstyle ideas for the Bride, Bridesmaids, and Flowergirls that are perfect for casual and formal Weddings.

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Short Hairstyle Galleries

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A Consultation With A Stylist

Now that you have found a look you love in our hair styles gallery it's time for the salon. Your having a stylist who can cut and style your hair exactly as you described it or showed to her, does, not unfortunately always happen. It takes communication on her part as well as yours. If you are making drastic changes in length, color, or texture, a consultation is preferred first. Most salons are now offering this service, if however your salon does not and it is your first appointment with a new stylist, insist, {elegantly course} that she, herself examine your hair when it is dry and styled by you.

Many hair mistakes could be avoided if one person whisks you off for the shampoo and then another cuts. If you have naturally curly hair, you know it can shrink up to two inches when dry, your hair is never the same length dry as it is wet.

If your stylist does not visually show you what she means by just the ends or a few inches, have her show you on her fingers or long tailed comb. We may have all encountered a stylist who suggested a cut or style, that we knew we would not be happy with. If this happens in your salon visit, do not be shy or intimidated to express your concerns and saying no to it.

Hair terminology is also a very important area where you must communicate. If you are not up on the latest hair buzz words, describe what you wish in the simplest terms possible. It rings true here, that a picture is worth a thousand words. Bring yours!

Your stylist should be skilled to take into account your face shape, hair texture and condition, and your life style. As you stay with one stylist and she gets to know both you and your hair better, you will find it easier to communicate and your loyalty will be rewarded by great hair styling.

Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: February 11, 2015

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