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Hair Straightening For Middle Aged Black Women

smooth straight hair middle aged black woman

Hair straightening for middle aged black women is by far easier than it was in the past. Years ago mature black women had to struggle greatly to be left with straight hair. These days it is a far more simple matter when it comes to hair straightening for mature black women.

Back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's if you were a mature black woman and had curly hair that you wanted straight, you had to work around the fact that there were very few tools to help you achieve sleek, straight locks.

In those days, hair straightening for middle aged black women included using an appliance such as a clothing iron to get rid of the kink from your locks. This was not a very safe practice because it often left the women with damaged tresses.

The good news that those days are past and the mature black woman of today has access to tools and hair products that will help her to tame her curls and wear her locks straight and lovely.

It can seem like a daunting task to undertake when you want to turn your hair from kinky curls into a straight, glossy look. The truth of the matter is, that getting your hair to go from curly to straight can be a little tough, but it is not impossible and there are many tips and tricks to make the task as easy on you as possible.
One of the most important factors to keep in mind is that the longer your hair is, the lengthier the process of having straight locks will be. By that token, you will want to ensure that you have left yourself enough time to tame your tresses before going out.
The first step on the road to hair straightening for middle aged black women is to begin with locks that have been freshly washed and deep conditioned. It is very essential that mature black women deep condition before straightening. This is because straightening your hair can cause is to become damaged and dry, deep conditioning before using straighteners will leave your hair glossy and full of sheen.
After washing, towel-dry your tresses very well and use your fingers to apply a firm hold straightening gel. Whenever possible, give your hair some time to dry naturally before you blow dry. The less you have to blow dry your locks the healthier they will be.
Use pins to clip the top part of your hair to the crown of your head. It is far easier to work with your hair in sections. Once your locks are securely pinned, use either a flat paddle brush or a round brush to pull down small sections of your hair. While doing this, use your hair dryer to dry your locks.
Work all of the way around your head until your hair is dry. If at this point you notice that your locks seem to be frizzy do not fret. By the time you have completed all of the steps to achieving straight hair, you will be frizz free.

A flat iron is a must have tool in the hair straightening for mature black women process. Although flat irons are available in different sizes, the best ones for straightening mature black hair are the ones that are about 1 1/2 inches wide.
This size of hair straightener is easier to work with and does a great job even if your hair is very long. If you possess locks that are incredibly curly and hard to straighten you will want to ensure that your straightener is ceramic. Ask your friends and or stylist for advice on the best hair straighteners on the market. There are even straighteners you can buy for use on locks that are still damp. However, these flat irons do not always do the best job on very curly tresses so keep this in mind when making your purchase.
Read the directions that come with your flat iron carefully. Typically, these hair straighteners come with the ability to work with a few different temperature settings. Once you have discovered the lowest temperature that still works on your hair, that is the one you should use.
If your tresses are fine, start by using the flat iron on the lowest setting and then work upward until you achieve the look that you want. Starting out low and going up to higher heats is by far a better option than working in the reverse. You do not want to risk damaging your hair.
Always remember that your hair type will determine which setting of heat is the best temperature for you. One important factor to note is that flat irons can be very expensive and cost you as low as thirty dollars or as high as two-hundred dollars. If you have tried cheaper flat irons and are not satisfied you can go ahead and purchase one that is more expensive.

However, there is not a point to start out with a more expensive flat iron as some of the cheaper models work very well. The most important part in hair straightening for mature black women is to prepare your hair before you begin. As long as you are gentle on your hair and set yourself up with a good deep conditioning first, the flat iron of your choice should work well.
With properly prepared hair and a good flat iron it should not be a problem at all for mature black women to have the straight locks that they want.
Hair Straightening For middle Aged Black Women

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