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Hair Stencils, Easy To Make Your Own

How To Stencil Your Hair

When you want a temporary change to your look with a dramatic flair, try hair stenciling

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Hair stencils are a fun way to play with your hairstyle without a lasting, permanent transformation. Using stencils to create a new hairstyle is easy and very low in cost.

Your new look will be cool, contemporary and completely funky. Hair stencils can jazz up your look for a formal event like a party, Prom or wedding, or they can be just fun and wild. Hair stenciling allows you to create and apply temporary designs, using hair paints, glitter and wash out color.

Although stencils tend to work better on shorter hair, they can be artistically applied to almost any length of hair and any color. If you hand create your own stencil pattern and select a bold variety of temporary hair colors, you will have fun, look fabulous and be a complete hairstyle innovator.

Hair stencilsUse your imagination to fashion the type, size, and shape of your hair stencils. Experimenting is the most important key to creating unique designs for your hair.

Creating your own stencils at home is not hard at all; it just takes a little practice.

Start by fashioning a series of stencil patterns from flat materials that are strong, such as cardboard or plastic lids from margin tubs.

Make any design that you like, however a beginner may want to consider simple stencils such as flowers, stars and hearts.

The stencils work best if you draw the image with a pen or marker and then cut out the design into the plastic or cardboard.

Always apply in a well-ventilated area.


How To Do Hair Stenciling


Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition.
Apply a leave in conditioner to guard your hair from the colors or glitters used when creating your stencils.
Blow-dry your hair making sure it is completely dry.
Note that hair stencils show up better on hair that is straight.
If you opt to wear your locks wavy or curly, note how the finished stencil will integrate itself into your hairstyle. Hold the stencil in the desired location against your head.
Holding your hand 6-8 inches away, lightly mist over the stencil with a spray on color of your choice until the hair is covered with color.
You may also opt to use a small styling brush and dab on a colored glitter instead or as well as a color.
For a glossy look, apply a dab of shine serum to your palms and smooth your hands gently over your locks. Arrange your hairstyle with your fingers to prevent brushing out your stencil.
Mist lightly with hairspray to hold your style and set your stencil.


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