Hair Extensions For Older Women

The top hair extensions for older women range from Clip In, Weft, Micro Loop, Lace Closure, and Tape In. Through the years, hair extensions that were at one time typically only worn by celebrities or possibly cancer patients have now become popular with women of all ages.

Part of the reason for their expanding use is they are now far more affordable than they used to be. Not to mention the fact that hair extensions for older women look stunning.

hair extensions for older women

Why We Need Extensions

One of the main reasons that hair extensions for older women have become all the rage among the mature crowd is because of the quick fix these extensions provide. In a very short amount of time, through hair extensions, you can completely change your look. Hair extensions unlike wigs also hold the distinction of being very realistic looking.

Also, with the realistic look you get from the modern synthetic or human hair extensions only those who know you well will be aware that it is not your real tresses. No longer are extensions made from human hair costly and only used by those with extra money or people recovering from cancer. has made human hair Extensions affordable to all.

hair extensions sample

Hair extensions have actually been around for a number of years. Hair stylists for African-American women have made use of weaves and hairpieces for a large number of years. The hair stylists that did the weaves were typically trained on the job. However, the stylists doing hair extensions for older women today have been taught the latest techniques in hair extensions to ensure that your locks turn out lovely.

One important thing to always remember is to make certain the stylist you go to is experienced in doing hair extensions. After all, you do not want to find out after the work is done that she did not know what she is doing and now you are left paying for a hairstyle that you are not happy with.

Hair extensions can be used to remedy a number of hair issues and are not just for additional length. Hair extensions for older women can be useful if your locks are very fine and you want your tresses to appear thicker. Not only are hair extensions useful, they are fun as well.

Understanding The Different Types Of Extensions

Hair Extensions allow you to change your hairstyles eliminating cutting and adding the length, shape, style and colors you want instantly. Fill in those areas that are thinning in the crown area or showing a bald patch and regain the look of thicker and younger looking hair.

There is a type of extension to meet every need, Clip In, Weft Closure, Lace Closure, Pre Bonded Closures, Fusion Pre Bonded, the new Micro Loop Extensions, and Tape In Extensions.

Clip In Extensions

If you are new to the world of hair extensions Clip Ins are your best starting point. It is the fastest way to thicker or longer hair and your safest for adding the length, color, and volume you need. And when your mood changes or your style, you can just change your extensions.

clip in hair extensions for older women

When you want, where you want, these soft, easy to manage extensions are available in a wide color range to blend with your natural hair and are made from 100% remy human hair to give you the most natural appearance. So easy to match or highlight your hair. Clip Ins come in sets of 7 piece for fine hair, 9 piece for thick hair, or the deluxe 11 piece set for total hair luxury.

So easy to match or highlight your hair. Clip Ins come in sets of 7 piece for fine hair, 9 piece for thick hair, or the deluxe 11 piece set for total hair luxury. A very wide color range is available to you.

It is a popular choice as it features:

  • Wears longer without tangles.
  • Remains strong and healthy after washing
  • You can color, curl, and straighten these extension
  • Clip in extensions give you the longer and thicker hair you want for special occasions and nights out
  • Minimal or no chance of hair damage
  • Clip In Extensions are quick and simple to both apply and remove

Click Here To View Clip In Extensions In All Styles And Colors


Weft Hair Extensions

weft hair extensions

These beauties are available in Virgin Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, and Malaysian hair in a full color range.

  • Choices For Curly: Curls, Afro Curly, Loose Curly, Jerry Curly
  • Choices For Wavy: Body Wave, Deep Wave, Big Body Wave, Loose Wave, Wet and Wavy
  • Choices For Straight: Silky Straight

Click Here To View Weave/Weft Hair Extensions In All Styles And Colors


Micro Loop Extensions - Best For Thinning Hair

If you want to have Hair Extensions to add length and volume and to highlight your natural hair beautifully look to this newest technique. These Micro Loop Extensions are crafted from 100% remy human hair that gives you the most natural results. They can be applied with no gluing, or heat, or braiding or sewing. Micro loop hair extensions cause no damage to your own hair and they are also unlikely to come out when you wash your hair.

These extensions have micro rings already attached and in place so all you do is add straight to your own hair using the already attached loop tool used to pull the natural hair through the micro ring, then all you need is the pliers to close the micro ring. As they are attached to your own hair they fall the same way and have movement for a beautiful natural look and wear.

If you are an older women with thinning hair these will work better for you than clip in extensions. makes using the clip in extensions hard. If you have lost all patience growing out a short hair cut, you can happily style your new longer hair while yours grows out.

This very innovative style makes for perfect hair extensions for older women and are just like your own hair, you can color, cut, wash, style, curl or straighten as you wish.

micro loop hair extensions

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Lace Closure Extensions

Lace Closures are perfect for a weave that is undetectable and can used to create a center parting in the middle of your weave.

lace closure hair extensions

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Fusion Pre Bonded Extensions

Often referred to as Keratin Glue Extensions, these will need to be applied with a heat and glue gun technique. Enjoy long-lasting length and fullness and add highlights to your natural hair without coloring. These human hair Extensions are available in a exciting range of colors and styles.

fusion pre bonded hair extensions

Click Here To View Pre Bonded Hair Extensions In All Styles And Colors

Tape In Hair Extensions

These tape in hair extensions are made from 100% remy human hair. Adhering them causes no damage to your hair, and you can apply them easily without using tools, beads, clips, or chemicals. Available in both wave and straight in 26 colors. You can treat these as your normal hair when applied as hair extensions, you can cut, curl, straighten the weft and blow dry as normal.

tape in hair extensions

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Colored Hair Extensions For Older Women

Colored extensions can be used to brighten up your locks. This is a great way to try a new look without having to commit to a permanent change. Not to mention the fact that hair extensions have the benefit of color that will not fade unlike human hair which is very convenient.

Colored extensions are also by far gentler on your hair than coloring your real locks. It is also important that you bear in mind that hair extensions for older women are not something that can be done in a very short amount of time. It can take a few hours to have your hair extensions put properly into place at a salon.

Apply Your Own Extensions For Fantastic Highlights And Fabulous Ombre Color

Highlight in natural shades of Jet Black, Off Black, Medium Brown or Lightest Blonde. For the adventurous choose from solid fashion colors of Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, or vibrant Red.

Choose Natural Hair Colors

jet black hair extensions

Jet Black

black hair extensions


Darkest Brown Highlight Extensions

Darkest Brown

medium brown hair extensions

Medium Brown

medium ash brown hair extensions

Medium Ash Brown

lightest blonde hair extensions

Lightest Blonde

light blonde hair extensions

Light Blonde

bleach blonde hair extensions

Bleach Blonde

pink highlight  hair extensions


blue highlight  hair extensions


green highlight hair extensions


purple highlight hair extensions


red highlight hair extensions


Click Here To View Clip In Highlight Extensions In All Fabulous Colors

If Ombre speaks to you, you can stay with the natural tones or go for shades of Fushia, Violet, Red, Green, Pink, or Blue! Who says you cannot add a pop of color to your hair after 40? Hair extensions for older women do not have to be grey.

violet ombre hair extensions

Violet Ombre

fushia ombre hair extensions

Fushia Ombre

red ombre hair extensions

Red Ombre

pink ombre hair extensions

Pink Ombre

golden ombre hair extensions

Golden Ombre

blonde ombre hair extensions

Blonde Ombre

Click Here To View Ombre Weft Extensions In All Colors

Extensions At The Salon

To help the process go a lot quicker and to ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is recommended that you meet with your stylist before your actual appointment. This will give you the chance to pick out the hair extensions that you want, the color you wish your extensions to be and offer you the opportunity to have any questions on your mind answered. At this time your stylist will also offer you suggestions for maintain proper care of your hair extensions.

There are a number of different methods that your stylist can use to attach your hair extensions. Hair extensions for older women can be attached strand by strand or by weft. With the weft method, the extensions are sewn or bonded to your own hair. It is the type of hair that you have that will determine which type of attachment method your stylist uses for providing you with hair extensions. There is somewhat of a difference in price between the two methods as well.

The Cost Of Extensions

The price of hair extensions is often determined by the amount of time it will take yours stylist to completely finish putting in your hair extensions. The cost of your hair extensions will also reflect the type of extensions that you choose as well as how many extensions are needed. Hair extensions for older women look amazing and you’re apt to be incredibly pleased with your choice in deciding to get extensions for your hair.

Always remember however to make certain your stylist is trained and experienced so the quality of your extensions turns out the way you want. Although hair extensions take awhile to get and there is some maintenance involved, most older women find the results worth every moment of time. Just make sure you know what you are getting yourself into and you are bound to be thrilled with your fabulous new look.

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