Hair Coloring Tips For Older Women

These hair coloring tips for older women will lead you through the DIY of coloring your hair at home and finding your best hair color.

As you age, you may find yourself wanting a new look, a change, something to update your hairstyle.

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However, often by the time you have reached a mature age, you have found a hairstyle that flatters you and compliments your features.

You can use hair color to freshen up your hairstyle and subtly or dramatically change your appearance.

Color You Young

Hair Coloring Tips For Older Women is an article that will give you advice and help for a beautiful new color. Using color on your hair is one simple way to make a huge change to your current look.

You do not have to cut a single snip from your locks to freshen up your mature hairstyle. The color of your hair places a strong influence on every part of your overall look.

From the color of your clothes to the shades of makeup you wear, it is all influenced by the hue of your hair. Even subtle highlights or lowlights can greatly impact your style and offer you a new, youthful glow.

Though it is of course very important that you pick a hair color that you like, there is more to consider when deciding on a new shade for your tresses than just preference.

One thing that is very important to keep in mind is that after a color, your hair will be a shade that actually blends the new color with your natural  color.

start With The Box

If you opt to do your own hair color at home, you can use the picture of the front of the hair color box as a reference, however as mentioned do not think that will be the shade that your hair will end up.

This is especially true as you age and have traces of gray or white throughout your tresses.

Instead of believing that your locks will look like the color on the front of the box, turn the box over and have a glance at the shade selector located on the back of the box.

Locate the color that your hair currently is, or if you are going gray the color that the majority of your hair is.

Next, see by looking at the color chart what your hair color should end up looking like if you color with this shade.

If you have browsed the aisles of stores and just can not find a hair color that you like you can always opt to create your own custom shade.

A Few Hair Coloring Rules

Hair Color Swatches

It is entirely possible for middle aged or older women to freshen up their look using color without making drastic changes.

However, it is essential to note that there are still color ‘rules’ that you will need to follow to ensure that you compliment your style, not clash with it.

If you do not wish to color your entire hair, but simply to add some highlights to your current shade, you will want to find a hue that is very similar to your existing overall hair color.

When you do want to color all of your hair and are looking to lighten your locks, you will want to select a shade that is about two levels lighter than the color your currently sporting.

Doing this will provide a flattering yet subtle change that still looks natural and will not overwhelm you with the difference.

This applies to covering any gray strands that may have implemented their way into your tresses through the years.

Hair Coloring Supplies

Creating Custom Colors

To create your own hair color, you can mix different colors to come up with a blend that is uniquely your own.

It is essential to make certain that the colors come from the same brand of color. You also will want to mix colors that are at most two shades lighter or darker from the others.

Before you pick the right hair color for you, you will have to figure out what the depth and tones of your current hair color are. If you are coloring your hair at home, there are depth descriptions on most color boxes that should be able to help you.

The depth of your hair color if you are a brunette for example would be if your hair shade can be classified as dark, light or medium brown. You will need to decide the tone as well.

You can find colors in either warm tones such as red or gold and cool tones like ash or more neutral hues. It is the depth and tone that you pick that will provide your tresses with various dimensions.

Skin Tone And Hair Color

One of the best hair coloring tips for older women is how to find your best colors and shades. When picking which hair color you want you will also have to take your skin tone and eye color into consideration.

You want to be left with a shade of hair color that flatters the natural tone of your skin. For example, if your complexion is olive, a reddish brow, or very light or rosy and you have eyes that are green, blue, or hazel, your best hair color will be a hair shade that is cool.

For people that fall into this category, you will find that shades of color that will flatter you either typically contain the words neutral or ash in the color description.

On the other hand, you generally should add a warm depth to your tresses if your current hair is a shade of medium golden, golden brown or another dark shade.

Warm hair colors will also flatter you if your eyes are any shade of medium to dark brown or hazel. When shopping for do it yourself hair colors, read the boxes and look for color descriptions that contain the words warm or reddish.

Although mature women can certainly change their look and go as dramatic as they wish, often times they would rather opt for a subtle difference.

By the time you reach a certain age in your life, you are often comfortable with your look and would rather make small changes.

Covering The Grey

Color your hair for gray coverage in a shade that is about one shade lighter than the overall color you are wearing at this time and it will take away the dreary gray and transform those strand into subtle yet glowing highlights.

Hair coloring is a simple and fun way to change your entire look in either a subtle or dramatic way.

You can use color to freshen up your current hairstyle, to cover gray or just for fun. The only important part when using color is to make certain that you always use a shade that compliments you.

Always work with the tone of your skin, your existing overall hair color and the shade of your eyes when picking a hair color.

Your new hair color can compliment your look beautifully no matter what your age, hairstyle or lifestyle may be.

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