Hair Care For Mature Women

Hair care for mature women is important, your hair ages as your skin does, this tips will help you keep your mature hair looking young. Most of us know how to defend our skin against aging. We drink tons of water, slather on the sun block, and eat antioxidant rich fruits and veggies.

hair care for mature women

You've shelled out hundreds of dollars for the hottest, celeb-endorsed anti-wrinkle products. But what about what's going on north of that much cared for face? As you age, hair care should evolve just like your skin care and it requires hair care for mature women.


Conditioner is a basic product that you've probably been using for years. As you age, your hair may seem that it's getting drier than it used to be, so you may want to pump up your routine with a deep conditioner once a week, as well as shampoo and daily conditioner with the benefit of added hydration.

Maybe you've found that your hair isn't holding it's usual style or curl the way it used to. Hair loses some of its elasticity as time goes by, so look into protein treatments once a month or so to keep your hair healthy and strong. You may also find that washing your hair a little less will help increase its pliability.

Care For Mature Hair And Scalp

You've probably never paid very much attention to the care of your scalp, but as hair may begin to thin a bit it requires a little extra hair care for mature women. Nothing is more painful than a sunburned scalp! Look for conditioners with sun block in them, or apply a regular sunscreen while hair is still wet out of the shower.

Thinning Hair

While we're on the subject, there's no need to take thinning hair lying down. Sometimes something as simple as a switch in shampoo can do the trick, but for more intense thickening, there are products like women's Rogaine, or even hair extensions.

Love Your New Gray

Another change, welcome or not, is graying hair. Some women choose to let their hair change naturally, and there are definitely some very striking and beautiful silver foxes out there. The use of clarifying products, or blue and purple color depositing shampoos can help polish hair to a beautiful sparkly sheen.

If you choose to fight the graying tooth and nail, a little hair color is in order. If you've just got a few strands, the strategic placement of high and lowlights can do a great job of hiding them, and are many times much easier to maintain than one solid color that will need regularly scheduled and frequent maintenance.

The graying of hair does more than just change the color, however. The cuticle layer of hair becomes more compact, making it more resistant to curl, style, and, ironically enough, color. For that reason, you may want to have your first gray covering color done by a professional so that you can see how your hair is reacting to the changes.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 4, 2015

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