Gwen Stefani Makeup Tricks

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Gwen Stefani always looks dramatic and edgy. Creating a look like Gwen’s that is flirty and fabulous is a breeze with cosmetics by Benefit.

Benefit Makeup

Babe cake takes the effort out of making your eyes look amazing. This product by Benefit is plays a vital role in converting your look from day to night. It contains a natural looking brown hue for day and a deep, smoky black color for night.

Beyonce knowles updo hairstyle makeupAll that is needed is a drop of water and the get bent brush to make your eyes look smashing. Simply wet the bristles of a get bent brush, twirl the brush in the liner, rest the head of the brush on your lash line and work your magic.

You can have youthful looking eyes like Gwen’s when you use high brow. This pencil lifts and defines your brows and works on all complexions.

Fabulous, perfectly arched brows like Gwen’s can be yours, thanks to Benefit cosmetics. Use high brow to draw a light, thin line exactly under your brow.

Lightly blend being careful not to go overboard, as you want to leave some of the soft pink shade behind.Gwen’s eyes pop out dramatically. If you want your eyes to be the first thing people notice, artfully smudge the desired powdered eye shadow of your choice along your eyelid.

If you do not have time to hit the beach, or spend hours lounging in the sun, you can still have a warm, peachy glow like Gwen’s.

Georgia is a peach powder the practically emits rays of sun. Lightly dust this peaches and cream powder over your skin and on the apples of your cheeks for a soft, healthy shine.The subtle peach scent will leave your skin sun-kissed and glowing. Gwen knows exactly how to create a dramatic effect with cosmetics

She works at playing up and highlighting her best feature. Gwen’s lips always look luxurious and luminous. You too can focus on playing up your beautiful mouth with lipstick from Benefit. Available in a wide range of lip smacking shades, lipstick by Benefit is sure to make your lips stop traffic. Shade Shown - Zero Guilt



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Gwen Stefani Makeup Tricks

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