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Guys Surfer Hairstyles ~ For Sexy Beach Looks

mens surfer hairstylesGuys surfer hairstyles are fuss free, easy to style and full of sexiness. The carefree surfer cuts are ideal for the busy guy who wants to spend more time on the beach than in front of the mirror.

Some surfer haircuts for guys are shaggy and full of layers. This style of surfer cut is artfully messy, but at the same time carefully structured. The top of this haircut is typically heavily layered and is perfect for a man on the go.

guys surfer hairstyleThis type of surfer cut often contains tousled bangs and strong layering throughout the back. This is a surfer cut that will leave you looking fashionably messy.

If your looking for a wash and wear hairstyle that will have you out the door and looking fabulous minutes after rolling out of bed, this is the cut for you.
The surfer haircut for guys is one of many adaptations from a classical cut for men. Making use of layers, and extreme texture on the top to modernize the style as in the above surfer hairstyle picture.

Styling products allow you to individualize your surfer haircut to suit your lifestyle, hair type, face shape and personality.
Many celebrity males are sporting variations of the stylishly messy surfer haircut. One of the biggest advantages of the surfer hairstyle, is that it can be dressed up or down.

Run your fingers through damp, gelled hair and you’re out the door. If a more formal event comes up, use styling pomade to slick your locks back for a sleek, fashionable appearance.
Hair products allow you to wear your surfer cut a bit longer for styling options while providing your hair with necessary control.

Hollywood celebrity Owen Wilson is well aware of how trendy a guys surfer style is. Through the years he has sported numerous variations of this look.

owen wilson surfer hairstyle

Although some varieties of the surfer haircut are neat, and trimmed around the ears and neckline with length left through the top, Owen Wilson puts his own personal twist on the style.

He typically wears his surfer cut a touch longer and has a bit of wave mixed in along the front.

Owen Wilson's version of the surfer haircut works best on hair that contains a loose wave, however it can be modified to suit most hair types.
Book an appointment with your barber or stylist and ask for a cut with a contoured shape that has full, tapered sides and is closely cropped along the neckline.

The front should be layered allowing for fullness that can be combed off the forehead or to the side.

Guys Surfer Hairstyles Styling Steps

style steps Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type and condition.
style steps If your hair is wavy, comb a small amount of straightening balm through your locks.
style steps Comb as desired. You can opt for a slicked back look, or tousle your tresses as much as you like.
style steps Allow to air dry if time allows. Or, blow-dry to smooth out any wave.
style steps Rub a small amount of pomade in your palms and smooth your hands over your head.
style steps If desired, mist with hairspray for hold.

Enjoy, a guys surfer hairstyle...
06/07/2007 Guys Surfer Hairstyles

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