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Guys Spiked Hairstyles

Spiked Hairstyle For Guys MiahGuys spiked hairstyles always look so good when we see them in magazines and movies, how do guys in the real world get those great looking spikes?

You may have noticed the "Submit Your Style" messages on the pages fro men's hairstyles and haircuts. Hairstyle Galleries are being created for men's, women's, teen's and kid's hairstyles.

These galleries will consist of hairstyle and haircut pictures or videos from visitors just like yourself.

I am very excited about these new pages and galleries as it portrays us, just like we are and not posed model shots. Although I must say , as with Miah's photo below, he could very well be a model!

If you would like to take part, just send in your photos and include as much detail as you like, how you style and what products worked for you.

If you also have side or back views of your style, include those as well. Pictures of any style or length of hair can be sent in, so show your style!


Miah - Guys Spiked Hairstyles

Miah has achieved a style that suits his face shape perfectly and accents his wonderful  strong jaw line. Miah warns that styling time can take up to twenty minutes, so it may be only for the patient.
Miah suggests that you first get your hair thinned out, but not too much.

Styling Technique Used:
Styling is best done after a shower on clean hair.
Towel dry hair, leaving it slightly damp, but not so much that it weighs your hair down.
Now run a teeny bit of soft putty, (VO5 Rework Fibre Putty is Miah’s product of choice)
Comb down hair and spray hair all over with a heat protecting spray.
Run a straightener through your hair and you are ready to create those great spikes.
Add more putty to your hair using as much as you need to lift your hair up or in any direction you want.
Create spikes using your fingers to style by grabbing sections of hair from the bottom of hair at the scalp.

If you do not pull from the bottom, your hair will be prone to flopping down either instantly or at sometime throughout your day or night.

If your hair becomes tangled or messy, Miah suggests just running a comb through it. If you do not have the styling time for this every morning, an option for you may be to practice the styling techniques, as it’s a great style to go with dressing up or clubbing.
Change is good,


Guys Spiked Hairstyles

My thanks to Miah for sharing his style and opening this section for
Guy's Short Spiked Hairstyles And Haircuts!


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