Guys Short Spiky Teen Hairstyles

Short And Spiky, the perfect-cropped haircut for those teenage guys who lead an active life. A short spiky hairstyle for guys is a simple yet trendy haircut. 

Short spiky hairstyles are easy to maintain and style, yet look trendy and fashionable. The style of this haircut can be varied depending on the styling products that are being used.

The look of this hairstyle can be different from person to person depending on the length of the hair. Also, you can opt to create spikes all over your head, or only in certain areas.

The short spiky hairstyle is the ideal cropped haircut for Teen guys who lead an active lifestyle. If you do not have a lot of time or desire to fuss with your hair, yet you like to look trendy and put together, the short spiky hairstyle is right for you.

Popular singing sensation Nick Lachey knows exactly how terrific a short, spiky hairstyle is. He is often seen wearing his hair in a spiky style with long to mid-length sideburns.

This short hairstyle works best if your hair is straight or has a loose wave that can be relaxed with blowing dry. This hairstyle works well with almost all face shapes and hair types with only a few minor alterations.

Cutting Techniques

To achieve this look, start by visiting your stylist or barber and asking for a shaped to fit contoured style cut. You want to make sure that the sides are full and the cut is tapered at your neckline.

The front and top of this hairstyle should be cut short so that it can stand up and be combed off of the forehead. The sideburns are left long and tapered.If your hair is very thick, you may need some selective thinning so that you can create the necessary spikes.

Styling Guys Short Spiky Teen Hairstyles

Styling this short spiky hairstyle is very easy and takes almost no effort at all Simply apply a small amount of mousse through damp hair and use your fingers to comb into place.

If you are in a rush, allow your hair to dry naturally. You can also opt to add pomade to dry hair and use your fingers to create spikes wherever you desire them. To make sure your hair stays in place all day no matter what activity your doing, you can also add a strong holding hair gel to your hair when it is wet

Although the short and spiky hairstyle can be played with and changed around using styling products, overall it is an easy wash and wear style. It will only take you minutes in front of the mirror each day and leave you looking trendy, hip and ready for anything.

This short hairstyle is ideal for anything from a casual day at school or even a formal dance. Any of these styles can be worn by boys, teens, or men and all are very easy to maintain, the secret to spiked hair for any age is a good cut and the proper use of styling gel.

Teenage Boys Short Haircuts

Guys Short Spiky Teen Hairstyles

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