Guys Men And Makeup


Guys men and makeup, who would have thought! Is makeup really for men as well as women?

Royalty and the wealthier men in ancient history, especially in Egypt where makeup was initially used as a beautifying method, used makeup.

Men on television (news anchors, various actors, and more) use makeup on a daily basis, even the men on regular day time talk shows. So, is it really that big of a deal if a man wants to wear makeup?

Since the lifestyle of a metrosexual man has become widely accepted and even cool in today's world, makeup for men may not be such a taboo as it would have been even just a few years ago.

You can see this in the latest increases in the male skin care industry that has increased exponentially in just the past years, and may be getting bigger and bigger as you are reading this.

It is just that dudes are paying much more attention to their appearance and care of their skin than they were before.

Even if men are just getting used to using the latest and best skin care products made just for men, are they really ready to take on makeup as well?

Why Men Wear Are Wearing Makeup

And, girls, you do not have to hide your makeup just yet. It will be safe. You might be wondering why a man would even need or want to wear makeup in the first place.

Well, we can easily find the answer to that question by simply looking at why women love to use makeup on a daily basis. It can help women cover up their blemishes, abnormally large pores, and some other facial flaws.

If you are a man who wants to make his complexion appear flawless and help cover up blemishes there are some men's cosmetic products out there that can help you achieve the look you have been wanting.

It is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Like most men these days, the thought of simply buying makeup made for men may make you feel uncomfortable.

That is all right. No one is going to think any different of you, and if they do are they a true friend anyway?

Men in the limelight have been using makeup for so many years, especially male models. Do you think their skin really looks like that? No way! It takes some makeup to hide their blemishes and scars, too.

guys men and makeup

What Men's Makeup Can Do

Men's cosmetics and makeup can help you cover up nicks from shaving, bronzers for a darker shade, serums to help with the signs of fine lines on your face, lash and eyebrow gels for great eyes, and even some deep conditioning lip balm for softer lips.

Men's makeup can help you with a wide variety of possible flaws you may have on your skin and your face. We all have flaws and it is natural to want to hide them or cure them.

There are businesses that cater to men with makeup and other cosmetic lines that are created just for men, and they are doing quite well.

So, as a man using makeup may sound taboo there are many men out there using makeup on a daily basis. The demand is there for men's cosmetics, skin care, and more.

There are specialty businesses that are helping men out with quality products that work well with a man's face. It is no longer taboo for many and will continue in this area.

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Guys Men And Makeup
Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 21, 2015

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