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Growing Out Bangs And Fringes

growing out bangs

Trying To Grow Out Your Bangs?

These tips will make it easy for you.

Bangs that are all one length will be easier for you to manage as you grow them out.

If you have bangs that are now shorter in the center than they are at the sides you may want to wait the center strands are below your eyelashes when you pull them straight.

Your stylist can then trim a mere 1/16th of an inch to even all of your bangs to the same even lengths. 

The product line is large for styling aids, purchase small as possible, or trial sizes of any of the hair pastes, gels, molding muds or waxes.

Using small amount of the products experiment directing your bangs to one side or flipping up and back towards the crown.

Use Accessories

growing out bangs hair accessories

Dig Out Those Headbands And Scarves

Hair accessories can be a great aid to you at this time for managing any unruly bang pieces.

Look for the new adjustable elastic headbands or the ones with gripping teeth that allow you to place the band at various positions on your head from right at the front of your hairline to midway back.

If you are easily prone to headaches you may want to try the band with teeth for only just just a short time to see if you can tolerate it. 

To blend your bangs into a up do use very small bobby pins to secure your bangs up and then off your forehead. 

Cover the bobby pin line with a velvet, satin, or silk ribbon headband. Those decorated with small flowers or pearls would be especially lovely.

The slides designed for bangs will work well. You can also look for baby or little girl barrettes, they will be on a smaller scale and you will look oh so cute!

As you can see on the model above, you are not locked into one hairstyle while growing out your bangs or fringe.

Retro Side Bang

Try Retro Side Bangs

Using hair accessories, pulling your bangs back, and styling in a chic retro side bang give you great looks while growing out bangs and fringes.

Tips And Tricks

Try Mall Bangs

Modern Mall Bangs

You can also try a variation of the mall bang, teasing your bangs using a rat tail comb, create a poufy quiff ( a lock or curl of hair brought forward over the forehead)

Direct up and off your face finishing with a hair spray designed for maximum hold. Your bangs will not have the height of the mall bang of the eighties.

This is a styling technique that works well on any bang length and you can easily use it for your shorter bangs.

Start with damp hair and create a side part and very tightly French Braid across your hairline near your forehead. 

You can add longer pieces from the sides of your hair for a little more control as you style. Anchor the braid well with hair accessories or hair jewelry.

This styling technique is also used for longer bangs as well and it is a very popular look. Separate your bangs into one inch sections.

Starting with the middle section gently twist the section clockwise then pull back and anchor with a small accessories. Repeat with all of the remaining sections.

Experiment using different parts to control your bangs as they grow out. Try a middle part clipping your hair back on either side.

Messy Updo For Growing Out Bangs

Try Messy Updos

Try side parts sweeping your hair to one side or the other and then clipping to hold in place

The fastest and easiest is to smooth your bangs up, back and cover with a clip on braid right at the headline to hold your bangs or fringe straight back.

These are available in a multitude of colors, if you cannot find one to match your hair color, have your stylist dye a few braids to match your color. This is easily a home project if you are so inclined.

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Growing Out Bangs And Fringes
Updated October 26, 2012

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