Great Style For Older Womens Fine Hair

Randee Heller and Jamie Lee Curtis each have a great style for older womens fine hair. Having fine hair does not mean that you are unable to acquire beautiful hairstyles. There are a number of wonderful hairstyles available for older women who have fine or thin hair.

The key to looking your best no matter what your age, is finding a hairstyle that is suited for your lifestyle, personality, hair type and facial features.

randee heller short style for older womens fine hair
jamie lee curtis short style for older womens fine hair

Styling Ideas For Your Fine Hair

When you wear styles that work with your fine hair, instead of fighting the natural texture of your locks, you will find yourself looking terrific. Short hairstyles are often an ideal choice when it comes to women who have fine hair. Cuts that incorporate layers add additional volume making your hair appear to be much thicker.

A flattering short haircut with a wispy fringe and a flip on the ends can create a youthful appearance and is a great style for older womens fine hair. Typically, a short hairstyle allows you to spend more time enjoying life, and less time in front of the mirror fussing with your locks. An easy, low maintenance hairstyle is often the perfect solution for busy older women.

Working with the proper hair products can make a lot of difference with fine hair. Certain products and styling tools can add depth, height and definition to your short hairstyle. You can create looks that are full of volume and body to create the perception of more hair.

Styling Products And Fine Hair

You want to be careful when using styling products on fine hair however. The finer your hair is the lighter weight the products you use should be. This is because heavy products can weigh your locks down. You also want to be certain that you do not use an excessive amount of styling product.

The Cut

Jamie Lee Curtis and Randee Heller are celebrities who have learned how to artfully style their fine locks. They wear their hair cropped in a delightful, casual short hairstyle. This cut is youthful, vibrant and makes tresses appear far thicker than they actually are. These short layered styles work best if your hair is straight or has a loose curl or wave that can be straightened with a blow dryer and brush. However, with a few modifications, it can be suitable for your hair type.

This cut is also flattering to most facial shapes, especially long rectangular ones like Jamie's. To wear your hair in a casual short style like Jamie's, book an appointment with your beautician today. Ask your stylist for a cut that has a tapered head-hugging neckline with fitted sides to show off your cheekbones. The bangs should brush your brow and the style should contain a layered tousled crown.

fine hair older women


  • Mist towel dried hair with spray gel
  • Section your locks and blow dry with a large, round brush
  • When your hair is fully dry, curl your tresses with a large barrel curling iron or large and medium sized hot rollers
  • Gently brush your hair forward and back
  • Mist underneath your layers with a volumizing spray
  • Lightly mist with hairspray for hold

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 5, 2015

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