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Gray Mens Sexy New Hair Color

Yes, gray hair is a sign of getting older and it can seem to come out of nowhere. You go to sleep one night and when you wake up the next morning you find some gray hairs on your head.

It happens. A lot of men go to the salon to get their hair dyed the original color, or even a different color to hide their gray hair. Some also choose to get some hair dye from their local pharmacy or other store so they can just go home and dye their hair in the privacy of their own home.

Well, there is a new trend today and you should let your hair do what it is going to do – go gray. Just let your hair show its natural colors. It can feel like a strange transition, but it is natural.

Why You Should Keep Your Manly Gray Locks

Gray hair seems to be a new fashion trend in Hollywood and it does not look like it is going to go away any time in the near future. Embrace your new look, because you will get used to it. Women will notice it too. Gray hair is sexy hair. It gives you a sophisticated, charming look that you can’t get out of a bottle of hair dye. Numerous men in Hollywood are letting their gray locks show and the women are loving it.

Gray Mens Sexy New Hair Color
Who Else Has Men’s Sexy Gray Locks

Celebrities and musicians in Hollywood are letting their gray hair show and it has been paying off well. Here is a short list of those celebrities and others with gray hair:
· George Clooney (Actor)
· Robert De Niro (Actor)
· Anderson Cooper (CNN News Anchor)
· Josh Mazgelis (Computer Engineer)
· Jon Stewart (News Anchor)
· Taylor Hicks (American Idol)
· Brett Favre (Green Bay Packers Quarterback)
· Bill Clinton (Former United States President)
· Harrison Ford (Actor)
· Jay Leno (Comedian Show Host)
· Mark Harmon (Actor on the show NCIS)

Taylor Hicks says he began to go gray around the age of eighteen and it was quite embarrassing for him. However, he says he never dyed his hair and never plans to. He looked great on American Idol.

Josh Mazgelis used to get rid of his gray hair with regular trips to the salon, but now embraces his silvery look.

Brett Favre was recently on the cover of Men’s Journal Magazine with his gray hair buzzed and his beard.

You can even see this trend rising in various advertising companies for men and women.

What Coloring Can Do To Your Hair –

Dyeing your hair is something many people across the world do on a regular basis without thinking twice about it. Unfortunately, dyeing your hair can have a variety of bad effects.

Certain hair dyes can give your pets cancer. Don’t let your pet eat it. There are chemicals involved. Not only will hair dye completely dry your hair out and make it look like hay, but a small amount can even be absorbed into your bloodstream through your scalp.

I don’t care how many bad choices you have made with your body, that is just not good. This is especially true because it can cause cancer in animals. It is possible to get cancer from frequent hair dyeing. Keep those shiny silver locks for a healthier life and embrace your new look.

Gray Men's Sexy New Hair Color
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Gray Mens Sexy New Hair Color

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Gray Mens Sexy Hair Color


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Gray Mens Sexy New Hair Color

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