Grad Updo For Medium Length Hair

Style Medium Length Hair For Grad

This elegant, sophisticated updo hairstyle for medium to long hair is perfect for Grad. A chic front and glossy curls are gently molded and pinned to create a glamorous hairstyle for your Grad night.


Grad Updo Hairstlye Medium Length

This beautiful Grad updo for medium length hair is adaptable for virtually all hair types and textures. If your hair is ultra fine you may want to incorporate hairpieces or extensions to match your natural hair shade.

As with most updo’s, this hairstyle will work best on locks that have not been freshly washed. "Day old” tresses always hold a hairstyle better because your hairs natural oils will keep your look longer.

When fashioning this stunning updo for medium to long locks you can implement the part of your choice. You could try an off-center part or a deep, daring side part. Bangs are your choice as well. A bang or fringe can easily be worked into this glorious updo.

This exquisite grad updo for long to medium locks does take some extra time to achieve however when every eye in the room is on you, you will know it was time well spent!

Grad Updo For Medium Length Hair Styling Steps

Styling Steps Start by brushing your locks with a soft bristled brush to remove any knots and tangles.
Styling Steps Work in small section approximately 1-2" in thickness around your head smoothing your locks with a flat iron. Styling Steps Use the tail end of a comb to create the desired part in your hair.
Styling Steps Start behind the left ear and use the comb to create a vertical part along the crown to the right ear.
Styling Steps Use a clip to separate from the front hair.
Styling Steps Take the back section of hair behind the vertical part leaving you with four equal sections of hair that extend from the top of the head to the nape of the neck.
Styling StepsFashion four equal sized ponytails and secure with elastics.
Styling StepsStart with the top ponytail and create a soft roll with your fingers.
Styling StepsPin the rolled ponytail at the base of your head fashioning a large loop that rests on the back of the part and the top of your head.
Styling Steps Take the second ponytail and pull it up to the left and feed the ponytail through the loop from ponytail one. You will be pulling number two through the number one loop from left to right.
Styling Steps Wrap the remainder of ponytail two around the base of ponytail one. Secure well and allow a few ends to remain out.
Styling Steps Create a loop with ponytail three that rests against the base of ponytail one and pin the loop in place. Take ponytail four and feed it through ponytail three from the right.
Styling Steps Wrap the remainder of Ponytail four around the base of ponytail three. Allow some ends to remain free and secure the style with pins.
Styling Steps Unclip the front section of your hair and separate into two sections leaving some tendrils to frame your face. Styling Steps Take the hair on the right section of the front and gently drape it up over the ear and back to the looped locks.
Styling Steps Secure it to the base of the second ponytail leaving a few inches of tail loose. Repeat this process on the left front section.

medium prom updo



Styling StepsTake all of the remaining hair tails and gently twist and loop them pinning around the looped tails.
Secure with tiny pins.

Styling Steps If desired, allow tendrils to remain free at the base of your neck.
Use a medium barreled curling iron to create soft ringlets.
Mist with hair shine to add gloss to your style.
Spritz with hairspray for hold.





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