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Gothic Lolita

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Gothic Lolita is a style that originated in Japan, and is still enormously popular there.  A spin-off of true and traditional Goth fashion that blends together with little girl cutesy gear, it’s instantly recognizable and hard to ignore in the states and beyond. 

Subscribers to this style tend to walk around looking a bit like twisted, punky porcelain baby dolls!

The Gothic Lolita look is not about showing skin. 

The wearer is quite covered, but the sexiness comes from the playful femininity of not showing everything you’ve got. 

This often done in a flurry of black and white lace and ruffles, with the occasional flash of baby pink. 

Fluffy dresses are usually knee-length or shorter, and are given extra volume with the aid of poufy crinolines and petticoats.

They are often tied with oversized ribbon sashes and puffy or lacey sleeves. 


gothic lolitaGothic Lolita

Striped tights, ruffled ankle socks, and fishnet thigh highs are often worn, and shoes should be big platforms or heels, and many times are exaggerated, fun versions of the classic Mary Jane or saddle shoe. 

There are lots of adorable accessories you can dig up to enhance your Gothic Lolita look.

Check out the oddball, teeny tiny top hats, some with skulls and bows, or ruffled headbands and hair bows with bats. 

Frilly aprons a la Alice in Wonderland, and lacey headpieces that any good French made would covet are also easily found. 

Hair can be anything from spiky and twisted up and away from the face, or rag-curled into dolly ringlets to frame the face. 

Pigtails and braids are often worn as well, tied with jumbo ribbon bows, of course.

Unlike the Gothic Lolita’s "trad Goth” counterparts, makeup is kept reasonably minimal. 



gothic lolitaA pale complexion is the goal, and sometimes the look is helped along with a white foundation.

Typically the eye makeup is softer, and lip colors are more likely rosy pink than black and blood red. 
The most color for this look is usually a flushed pink applied on the apple of the cheeks.


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