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Gothic Dark Fairy Costumes For Teens And Adults

gothic dark fairy costumeWhat gal doesn't want to bring a little Tinkerbell magic into her life? Since we're such good girls all year long, dressing up at Halloween is a fun time to indulge your inner bad girl with gothic dark fairy costumes.

So why be a good fairy when it is way more fun to be a dark gothic bad fairy? 

There are some adorable gothic dark fairy costumes out there.  Look for corset topped sparkly black dresses with tattered hemlines or slinky tube dresses in deep purples with silver trim. 

If you’re in a pinch, a basic flirty halter dress or mini dress will do the trick as well, provided you keep those colors deep.

Usually not included, but an absolute necessity are the bad fairy wings!  There are many varieties available, some composed of real feathers, others feathers made of polyester or felt. 

If possible, try wings on before you buy, as some styles can be quite heavy or cumbersome. 

Some more petite sizes are available as well, which you may find a more reasonable choice for maneuvering through party guests as the night progresses.

Beyond the wings, accessories can include a wicked and sparkly magic wand or a black rose floral headpiece.  Carry around a little bag full of sparkles and offer fairy dust to your friends, or if you’d like something a bit less messy, a small bottle of bubbles could work its magic, too! 

Wear black fishnet stockings and matching fingerless fishnet gloves.


Gothic Dark Fairy Costumes ~ Makeup

Glitter, glitter, everywhere!  Find yourself a sparkly body lotion with a luscious scent and wear it all over.  An added plus is that it will play up your tan and give you a more toned appearance.  Eye makeup can be colorful and bright or dark and smoky, but whatever route you go, sprinkle a little shimmer and sparkle on those dramatic eyes and you’ll be ready to twinkle and fly.        

Try a little bit of a light colored shimmer on the tops of cheekbones and along the bridge of the nose to highlight bone structure and add to an ethereal appearance.  Go all the way with glossy black lips, sparkly or otherwise, or keep things light and sexy with a sheer glitter gloss.    

Gothic Dark Fairy Coistumes ~ Hairstyles

plus size goth fairy costumesFairy hair has evolved from Tinkerbell’s tight and round Disney updo.  Keeping hair up is a good idea, as most costumes and wings have a lot of detail you’d like to show off, but that hair should be loose and sexy piled up on your head, with a few curly tendrils dripping around to frame your face. 

Try pin-up girl rolled curls or go more rock and roll with lots of spiky, flat-ironed twists.  You could even maneuver straightened hair into an edgy pompadoured faux hawk. 

Once your hair is styled, sprinkle a little glitter into your ‘do, or finish off with some satiny ribbons woven through hair. 




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