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Gothabilly Style

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The band the Cramps originated Gothabilly as a movement, and the fashion and style was highly influenced by the fun, fetishy outfits and dark, glammy makeup worn by the girls as well as the boys in the band. 

The Gothabilly music and look draws heavily from campy horror flicks and darker pieces of pop culture, like the old TV show "The Munsters.” 

Unlike its kissing cousin "Psychobilly,” Gothabilly sometimes has a streak of slower, more ambient sound. 

Think of influential bands like Nick Cave and the Sisters of Mercy.

While Gothabilly and Psychobilly are rather different sonically, the style has many common threads. 


cyber goth styleGothabilly Style

The retro aspect is unmistakable.

Fabrics patterned with the old school Universal Monsters, tombstones, skulls, and bats can be found on everything from dresses, skirts, jeans, and tops. 

Leopard print is a welcome addition as well.  It’s a playful style, and easy to glam up with shiny platforms or dress down with your well worn black Converse. 

Top off your look with a fuzzy monster fur (you know, the kind that looks like you ran over a Muppet) coat, if you can find one.

Just picture a living dead pin-up princess.  50’s shapes like the a-line of a knee-length circle skirt covered with Frankenstein heads,

Or a cute cardigan with Day of the Dead sugar skull appliqués abound.





cyber goth glitter false eyelashesWork a little extra edge into vintage 50’s styling to complete the look.  Cut Shorty Bettie Page bangs and practice those uber teased jellyrolls or horns.

Lips should be red as blood, and eye makeup should be smoky and finished with very defined liner.
 Accessorize with skulls and more skulls, or pin a wilted black rose in your rolled ‘do. 



Gothabilly makeup

Gothabilly Style

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