Glamorous Look For Fair Skinned Older Women

A glamorous look for fair skinned older women need not be strong and harsh. You can create a soft, but still very glamorous look with your  makeup. Creamy complected women have special beauty needs, especially as the years go by.

Fair Skinned Older WomenA Soft Glamorous Look For Fair Skinned Older Women

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You already know sunscreen is your greatest ally, but your next battle is keeping those pretty features from washing out and fading away. If your complexion is very fair, the first step is to find a foundation that is the perfect match to your skin tone. 

Many bases have undertones that are either too pink, blue, or yellow, and finding the one that won’t give you a mask-like appearance can be harder than it sounds.

Look for a foundation crème makeup that provides complete overage with a flawless finish. It is usually available in shades for pink, yellow, olive, and brown skin tones.

Fair Skin Perfect Makeup

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Even if your eyebrows are naturally pale or seem to be fading away, you’ll need to keep them tidy and well shaped.  If you don’t already, make an appointment to have them waxed.  It never hurts to have a professional give them that model perfection shape so you can maintain it.

Define fair eyebrows with a small, stiff-bristled brush and a soft taupe powder (and try that taupe out, because many light shadows tend to turn a bit orange on a brow).  Use short, upward strokes that mimic hair growth, and blend out with a fluffy brow brush.  In a pinch, an old toothbrush will do the trick!

When choosing eye shadow colors, go for soft and sheer colors.  Think warm bronzes for blue eyes, and very pale berries for brown eyes.  A peach shade with a light shimmer will be universally flattering as well.  For the crease, a light cocoa brown will define without overpowering fair features.

My only stipulation is to be extra sparing with brown hues. If your application is too heavy-handed, you can end up looking a bit like a corpse!  

Whatever color scheme you’ve chosen, it’s a good rule of thumb to start out with just a bit of color and build and blend as you go.

Finish with a dark to medium brown mascara (skip the black; especially with blonde lashes the look is too spidery), and just a touch of coordinating eyeliner to increase the appearance of full eyelashes.  

Blush is key to keep you looking fresh and healthy.  Peaches and pinks applied to the apples of your cheeks will give you a youthful, flushed appearance, but don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Try A Rich Cranberry Lipstick

Lip colors can be just about any coordinating shade.  If you’re a brave gal, go wild with a rich cranberry.  For a more casual look, some plummy nude shades with a layer of shine will give your pout some oomph.

Perfect Makeup For Fair Skin

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The main purpose of makeup on a fair lady is to emphasize those features. You want people to notice how beautiful your eyes are, or how high your cheekbones, not necessarily the color of eyeliner and blush.  

Most major makeup brands provide the makeup products you need to make your face look more radiant and beautiful every day and for special occasions. This makeup is designed for women over 35 and their makeup needs of color and texture. 

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