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Girls Short Straight Hairstyle Makeover

teens-before-makeoverAlthough curly locks are beautiful, sometimes you get the urge to completely change your look. Whether it’s just for one night, or to create a whole new style, short, straight hairstyles are fabulous.

This teenage model has a big night coming up, she has the lead role in her school play and the first performance is only a couple of days away. Not only is a short, straight hairstyle perfect for the character she plays, the look will be fabulous for the cast party afterwards.

Straightening short curly locks is not hard, but the look does take some effort to maintain. The right styling products and hair tools make all the difference when creating a short, straight hairstyle.

Although you can opt to have your hair professionally straightened at a salon using chemicals, you do not have to go that route. It is entirely possible to create a short hairstyle yourself at home.

Some women prefer to have it done professionally as the results last for a long time, allowing you to have straight locks daily.



teens after makeover picture



Girls Short Straight Hairstyle Makeover

Other women however would rather just straighten their hair for certain occasions and have the option to wear their curls when desired.

If you opt to straighten your short hair at home for your next event, bear in mind the best results will always be achieved by using the correct styling products and tools.

The right brushes also make all of the difference. A good anti-frizz hair product, styling gel or mousse, round brush, a blow dryer with a diffuser, straightening iron and shine serum can dictate whether your locks are a kinky mess or glossy and smooth.




Girls Short Straight Hairstyle Makeover
How To Style

style steps Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
style steps Apply an anti-frizz product to the end of your hair, avoiding too much contact with your roots so that your locks do not end up oily.
style steps Work a dollop of mousse or gel throughout damp hair with your fingers.
style steps Use a wide toothed comb to detangle your tresses and distribute product.
style steps If your curls are really tangled, you can opt to spray a leave in conditioner on.
style steps Pin up the top section of your hair and use a round brush while blow drying your hair. Hold sections of your hair out taut and point the hairdryer down while drying.
style steps Work in sections around your head until your hair is completely dry.
style steps When your locks are fully dry, again work in sections with a straightening iron. Grip one section of hair, clamp the flat iron onto the top portion of the section and slowly, move the iron down your hair. Repeat as needed until your locks are straight.
style steps Gently brush your hair and apply a shine serum if desired.
style steps Mist lightly with hairspray for hold.

Girls Short Straight Hairstyle Makeover
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