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Girls Short Spiked Hair

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Short spiked hair become a favorite style for women and girls in past years. It looks edgy and is so easy to style. Short spiked hair can be worn for work and dressy occasions just as well as the fussier hairstyles.

This is Sam's submission to "Show Your Style", Girls Short Spiked Hair.
Sam has pulled together a look that is both trendy and polished. This look breaks a beauty myth that short hair, or petite women should wear short or small earrings.

Sam's large, almost retro earrings look great and have balance.

Sam's' Short Spiked Style

girls short spiked  hairstyleJust because you’re a grown-up with bills to pay doesn’t mean you have to leave your inner rocker completely behind.

Short spiky hairstyles can be just as hip for the office as for the rock show and are a great way to add a little fun and life to baby fine hair.

The key to keeping a punky 'do more grown-up is maintenance.

Keep up with your trims and color (if you do), which should be done reasonably frequently when you're dealing with very short hair.

As with most styling, you'll have better luck with hair that's just a little bit "dirty," or not freshly washed.

Start out by working a small amount of a volumizing mousse thorough hair.

Then, using a blow dryer, pull little spikes up and out with your fingers.

To freeze that hair in mid-air, use either a lightweight spray wax and follow with a high-shine maximum hold hairspray.

Continue pulling and twisting those little pieces for definition and height.

Finish with a final spritz of that max-hold shine hairspray.

There you have it!



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