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Girls Short Funky Hairstyle Make Over

before and after pictures teens makeoverSometimes we find ourselves bored with our current look and want to try something very different. A short cut and color can make a lot of change in our appearance.

Even when our locks are cropped short to begin with, if desired we can drastically change our look.

This young model knew that she wanted to completely change her current hairstyle. She took into consideration her hair type, facial features and personality when deciding on the look that would suit her best.

She knew that she wanted something a little funky, slightly edgy, and completely fun and easy to play with.

This sixteen-year-old girl has the ideal short haircut. She can use styling products to create fabulous, hip looks, or wear her locks in a wash and wear way for casual days.

The best thing to do when deciding on what new look you want to create for your locks is to shop around and see what current hairstyle trends are.


before and after pictures teens makeoverGirls Short Funky Hairstyle Make Over
You want to find a cut and color that will flatter your short locks. The young model was flipping through a magazine during her quest for a makeover and came across a picture that contained exactly what she was looking for.

Teen singing and acting star Mandy Moore has a style that this model knew would suit her features and personality beautifully. She liked her look so much, she knew that she even wanted to incorporate Mandy’s hair color into her makeover.

If you want Mandy Moore and this model’s hairstyle and color for yourself, you can be wearing a cute, cropped haircut with a slightly funky edge in no time at all.

Although adaptable with minor modifications for all hair types and facial features, this short, layered hairstyle does work best on hair that is very straight or contains a loose wave.
This short hairstyle really works well for accenting cheekbones and eyes.

The bangs in this short, choppy hairstyle are brow brushing and cut long to provide lift and allow you to sweep to one side. Styling this short, layered haircut is a breeze. It does not matter if you are heading out to work, or play, you will be looking fabulous in minutes.

Girls Short Funky Hairstyle Make Over
How To Style

style steps Shampoo and condition your hair with products designed for your hair type.
style steps Work a golf ball sized dollop of mousse through towel dried hair with your fingers.
style steps Use a brush or your fingers while blow-drying, lifting at the roots to create volume.
style steps Rub a small amount of styling pomade between your palms and use your fingers to direct your bangs to the side. Also pull the edges of your hair out as desired for a flirty, funky edge to your hairstyle.
style steps Use a large barreled curling iron if desired to turn your ends out or under or to create curls throughout the top of your hair.
style steps Mist with hairspray for hold.


Girls Short Funky Hairstyle Make Over
Styling Products
Full Volume Mousse- A golf ball sized dollop of a  light styling mousse is all it takes to add lift to your roots and texture to your ends. Texture and hold can be added to dry hair with a small amount of this product as well.


Girls Short Funky Hairstyle Make Over
Teenage Girls Make overs #3

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