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Girls Short Curly Hairstyle Makeover


Her favorite band is coming to town this Saturday night and this sixteen-year-old girl wants a new look to go along with her concert tickets. A short, curly hairstyle will guarantee that she looks as good as she feels.

Short haircuts are ideal for creating amazing, curly hairstyles. Short haircuts provide body and volume to curls and produce a soft, romantic shape to your hair with loads of volume and texture.

Short haircuts, as this young model knows, are easy to manage and can be styled quickly. The young model started out with a short layered hairstyle that is a cross between a bob and shag that contains a soft sweeping side fringe.

The Shag Haircut is typically short and layered, with more layers at the crown of the head than below. Bangs are optional and can be pushed off the face with the use of the right styling products.



You have so many styling options available with a short shag hairstyle. You can tuck your hair behind your ears when your feeling casual, clip sections back with various hair accessories or dress it up with glamorous curls as our model has chosen to.

Every short hairstyle is just a base, and should be modified to suit your individual tastes, hair type and facial features.
As this model has learned, you do not need to have been blessed with natural curls to wear a great, short curly hairstyle. Nor do you have to use chemical perms to create your curly hairdo.
There are a variety of ways to shape your short locks into luscious curls for your next big event.

One of the first options most young ladies try when opting to create curls, is the hot roller or curling iron set.


This is one of the easiest ways to create curls all through your tresses. All you need to do is shampoo your hair and blow dry using a round brush. Use hot rollers or a curling iron of your size choice to create curls as desired.

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Girls Short Curly Hairstyle Makeover ~ Style Vintage

For more vintage style curls, you can opt to set your locks with wet pin curls.
style steps Simply wash your locks and towel dry until just damp.
style steps Set your hair on pin curls created with bobby pins.
style steps Sit under a hood dryer or blow-dry until your hair is fully dry.
style steps Remove curlers and comb gently with your fingers.
style steps Arrange your locks as desired with your fingers and mist with hairspray for hold.


Girls Short Curly Hairstyle Makeover ~ Wet Bunning

If you have a short haircut somewhat like this young model’s, another option for creating curls in your hair is through a styling process known as wet bunning. If your hair has enough length to pull into even a small bun, you can create this look.

How To Style
style steps Shampoo your tresses and apply a styling gel through your damp locks with your fingers.
style steps Pull your hair into a bun and twist strands of your locks as you are creating the bun.
style steps Pin the bun into place. Let the bun air-dry and then undo the bun.

This should create a lot of loose waves throughout your hair. You can use a large barreled curling iron to add additional curls around your head as desired.


Girls Short Curly Hairstyle Makeover
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