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Ghost Costume For Men

For many folks, Halloween is still about being scary as much as about being creative and finding a cool costume. Remember when it was more trick than treat?

And what gives a bigger bump in the night than a ghost? While your typical ghost gear consisting of a white bed sheet with two eye holes is less than spine-chilling, a more elaborate and grown-up version of a ghostly gentlemen is the sort of thing horror movies are made of.

Think of yourself as a tour guide at the Disney Haunted Mansion!

Dress in all white clothing as a start and shred clothes with scissors. If your wardrobe is low on white, just about any regular old clothing doused with baby powder becomes aged, dusty, and ghastly ghostly.

This can be a messy solution, though, and there are lots of fantastic store bought varieties that make for very creepy ghoulie gear.

Some outfits come with long, old fashioned looking waistcoats and top hats, or raggedy capes made of gauzy fabrics. Tie white crepey rags around the arms and waist of costume to further enhance your scare appeal.

When you are going for ghostly from head to toe, don’t forget your ghoulishness from the neck up. Find a long, white or black fright wig to wear under your harrowing top hat.

You can also carry around chains to clang and jangle like the restless spirit you are (think the haunting of Jacob Marley in "Christmas Carol”). A gnarled walking stick is a nice touch as well.

Halloween is a good time to try new things, too, and experimenting with some ghostly makeup to enhance your hauntedness might be a lot of fun. There are lots of prepackaged monster makeup kits you can buy, or you can do it yourself (or enlist the help of an artsy friend).

Ghost Costume For Men ~ Makeup Tips

Start off with a full face of grayish white makeup applied evenly with a sponge.
With a bit of a grey or charcoal colored makeup, hollow out the area around your eyes into a circle, to give you a sunken, corpse-like look, and add a bit of a hollowed out cheekbone, too.
Darken up eyebrows with a few strokes of black pencil to give menacing brows.
A little black eyeliner will add to the dark and evil mystique.
Finish off your frightening face with black lipstick.

If you’ve got a haunting partner this Halloween, there are lots of creepy ghostly gal outfits to be had as well. If one ghost is terrifying, two ghosts is even better!

Enjoy A Ghost Costume For Men!



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