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Get Healthy Hair For Spring 2007

Healthy Hair Is Happy Hair

Is Your Hair Ready For Spring?

long healthy hairGet Healthy Hair For Spring 2007, any great new hairstyle needs healthy hair, start to use the tips and advice below to have your hair healthy and shiny to welcome Spring and the new styles of 2007.












Ever wondered why some people have luscious hair that is shiny and never looks out of place, and why you don't? A healthy hair makeover is surprisingly not too hard to achieve. All you need to do is learn a few healthy hair secrets and try a little home maintenance.

Great Hair Starts With a Good Cut

A professional haircut will ensure that your hair is free from damaged and spit ends and will make your hair look healthy. Seeing a professional will also give you the opportunity to get the right cut for your hair type and texture. Follow up visits which include regular trims will also guarantee that your hair will look and feel its best.

Healthy Hair Is Hydrated Hair

Drink plenty of water. Water not only hydrates your skin and body, it also hydrates your hair.

Product Overload

Don't use too many products. Product overload will weigh your hair down and make it look tired and greasy. Remember this rule: One product to style and one product to finish with.

Heat Styler Hazard

If you use a heat styler such as a hair-dryer, straightener or curling iron, then make sure to apply a heat protection product first. Heated stylers can zap your hair of moisture and leave your strands frizzy and hard to manage.

Sleeping Beauty

When you are sleeping your body is working its hardest to repair damage, including any hair damage, so plenty of sleep is a must. To further help your hair achieve its healthy best, try sleeping on a satin pillowcase. This will stop your hair from rubbing as you sleep and will control fly-aways.

Moisture Madness

Try an intensive conditioner once a week to keep your locks moisturized and to keep your hair soft. To get the best from your deep treatment, apply it to your hair then cover with plastic wrap or a plastic shower cap and leave for ten minutes before rinsing out. This will add heat and allow the treatment to penetrate. For a deeper condition, wrap a warm towel over the plastic wrap.

Product Placement

Choose the right products for your hair. If you've styled with the right products for your hair type and washed with the right shampoo then your hair should be naturally shiny and manageable. If it's not, see your stylist and get an expert opinion on what will work best for your hair.

Balanced Eating

Eating a well-balanced diet which is full of healthy proteins and lots of vitamins will keep your hair glowing. Not to mention your skin and your waistline!

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