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Geisha Costume Hair And Makeup

Ideas for a great Geisha costume hair and makeup

The Geisha

Geisha are the epitome of sexy femaleness in Asia – and that sensual mystery has made its way over the pond. 

Grown-up dress-up and even street fashion are always influenced by films, and last year’s "Memoirs of a Geisha” has made its mark.    

Geisha costumes can be as simple as a pretty robe or kimono or a brocade coat wrapped around you.

Genuine geisha wear wide sashes around their kimono called obi, usually tied in back with a large flat bow.Look for long drop or butterfly sleeves for an additional flair. 

There are also some very cute costume kimonos available in miniskirt lengths for girls who have just gotta show a little leg. 

Look for styles in non-traditional geisha colors, like pink and baby blue, too.

If you can find them, socks with the big toe separation are awesome worn with platform thong sandals.

  If not, just about any pair of flip-flops or baby doll Mary Jane shoes will be a comfortable choice, and of course, you can never go wrong with a sexy pair of high heels.

Dress up your costume with some fun accessories, too. 

Swap your usual purse for a satiny bag shaped like a Chinese takeout container (I know, I know, Chinese takeout is not Japanese geisha – but it’s a cute idea!). 

If Fall has yet to fall and it’s still a bit warm out, you’ll be able to keep cool with a pretty paper fan.

Geisha Costume Hair And Makeup
Geisha Girl Hair Ideas

Japanese geisha usually wear hair piled high on top of the head. 

If you’ve been blessed with mountains of hair naturally, you could mimic this with a several buns or rolls of hair strategically placed around the crown, or more simply, just at the nape of the neck. 

If your hair is on the shorter side, look for a fun (and hopefully lightweight) traditional geisha wig or go funkier with a China girl bob. 

Accessorize hair with ornaments like lacquered chopsticks, fake flowers, tiny bows, and even a skinny strand of pearls. 

If updos are not your thing, you can still be a sexy doll with your own hair just by tucking a flower behind your ear.

Costume Inspiration

Closeup Geisha Makeup

Applying Geisha Lip Makeup

Geisha Costume Makeup Ideas

For makeup, there are a couple of different routes to be taken. 

Try a pale or white face with dramatic eyeliner and underdrawn rosebud lips. 

Real geisha extend the white makeup down the throat and back of neck, leaving just a small triangle of bare skin at the nape of the neck for added allure. 

If that sounds like a whole lotta work for your party, go more subdued with your usual party makeup and just extend your eyeliner a bit outside your actual eye line. 

Try some false eyelashes just on the outside corner to give your eyes a more almond shape.

Whatever makeup you choose to try, ruby red lipstick is an absolute must!

As costume choices go, a geisha girl is one that has many variations, so just pick what suits you, and Happy Halloween.

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Geisha Costume Hair And Makeup

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