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Fun And Funky Prom Updo Hairstyle

Funky Prom Updo

An Easy DIY Prom Style

If you enjoy fabulous yet fun hairstyles, this funky updo is perfect for your Prom night.

This funky updo is most suitable for those with medium or long locks and can be adapted for almost every hair type and texture as well as most face shapes.

You can play with this funky updo for Prom and change the fringe or the part to personalize the hairstyle to suit your needs.

This funky updo for Prom allows you to look elegant yet still have a touch of fashion flair for a fun time. Show off your personality with a funky and flirty updo on Prom night.

Fun Prom Updo Side ViewThis young model opted to incorporate a few braids into her funky updo.

You can easily do this as well. Simply create small sections throughout your locks randomly and plait the hair without using elastics to hold the end of the braid together.

Make It Your Own

There are a number of additional styling touches that can be added to this funky updo for Prom.

You can dress the hairstyle up by pinning flowers anywhere on your head. You may opt to play with various hair jewels to create sparkle and shine to your funky Prom updo.

Playing with your part can also change and personalize this funky updo for Prom.

Implementing a zig sag part into the front of your hairstyle will add an extra touch of playfulness to your look.

Add Some Color

If you want to get even funkier with your Prom updo, consider adding colored strands of hair throughout this hairstyle.

The colored hair can be your own accomplished with a temporary hue, or you can opt to use fake extensions.

The point of a funky updo for Prom is allowing you to look glamorous while at the same time being unique and having fun with your hairstyle.

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Style Inspiration

Styling Steps

  • Divide your hair into five individual sections. Form a "V" shaped section, on the side and create a high ponytail held with a hair friendly elastic.
  • Create sections of hair parted from the top of your head to the top of your ear.
  • On the right side, create two sections.
  • Pull the ponytail tail all the way through the elastic band creating a top loop.
  • Put your thumbs inside the loop and pull them apart on either side causing the loop to spread and fan out the ends of your hair.
  • Work with the loop until it is the shape of your choice. Pull the left side panel up and around the center ponytail.
  • Use a bobby pin to secure the top of the ponytail.
  • Pull the right side up and drape it over the top of the ponytail and secure the panel with a pin at the top.
  • Take a section from both of the front panels and drape it back over the base of the looped ponytail.
  • Secure with bobby pins.
  • If desired, use a medium barreled curling iron to twist the front sections or to turn them under.
Funky Prom Updo Back View

Finishing Steps

  • Rub shine serum between your palms and smooth your hands over your locks to create shimmer.
  • Mist thoroughly with hairspray for hold.

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Fun And Funky Prom Updo Hairstyle
Updated December 14, 2012

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