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French Maid Costumes

Dress up is a time to try on a new character, and for today’s modern woman, there is nothing more fun that to play up her servile nature, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, as an upstairs or sexy French maid. 

A long-standing cliché of sex appeal and naughtiness, this adult costume holds up as a popular choice for Halloween and parties for decades.

French maid costumes are usually rather revealing – that does seem to be the point, after all.  The base is usually a silky and skimpy black dress, usually with a flirty, short skirt.

A fluffy crinoline worn underneath will add just the right amount of volume and lift, and under that consider some ruffly black and white panties in a full coverage cut that are meant to be seen. 

The bodice area is low cut, and sometimes has a corseted midsection.  Sleeves can be long and sleek, short and puffed, or non existent. 

The accent pieces are what varies the most, as in the amount of ruffles and the size of the ever-important apron.  Some outfits will come with lacey cuffs and collars to be worn on bare skin, others with simple black velvet chokers. 

Wear sexy high heels or funky chunky go-go boots.  You could slip a white garter mid-thigh, or wear a garter belt to keep your stockings up.  Whether thigh-high or full, seamed or sparkly is up to you, but they must, absolutely must be fishnet!  Many costumes include a ruffled little cap, or tiara as well that coordinates with the rest of your laciness. 

Little fishnet fingerless or white lace gloves are a nice touch as well.  And don’t forget that feather duster – you are here to tidy up, after all!

Once you’re dolled up as any upstairs maid could hope to be, you’ll need to figure out what to do with your hair and makeup. 

The scanty neckline lends itself to hair being worn up, but don’t get a clean, prissy bun in your head.  Think messy, sexy, undone hair loosely pinned up and falling down a bit to frame the face.  Something smoother with a bit of a bouffant would be cute worn with larger headpieces. 

Sometimes even two little pigtails or buns can be adorable.  If you’re intimidated by an updo, try setting your hair in hot rollers and then twisting and pinning each cooled curl to the top of your hair.

Makeup doesn’t require too much of a switch from normal evening makeup.  You may want to be bold with a deep red lip that you’ve been too uncertain to try before, or smoke out your eyes with some black eye shadow or heavier eye liner.  It can be full to double up on the rouge and add a fake beauty mark, but anything goes really.

So start the hunt for the perfect French maid costume.  There are variations in leather, vinyl, latex, silk, satin, and plain old fashioned cotton; in red, pink, white, and black.  Get ready to attract some attention, and happy partying!

You can make your French maid outfit as fancy, sexy, or naughty as you please and get away with it!

Have fun as a French Maid!

French Maid Costumes

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