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Forty Something is all looking and feeling fabulous Hairstyles and hair care for mature women, older women, or if you prefer, forty something.

For Mature Beauty And Care

Skincare After 40
Skincare Over 40
Re-launch your skincare routine to reveal a radiant complexion and make a great comeback
Beauty After Forty Article
Beauty After Forty
Your best beauty years are yet to come. Passing forty has beautiful advantages.

Mature Smoky Eyes

Hair Care

Younger Looking Hair
Younger Looking Hair
Has your hair grown a little lackluster and uninspiring over the years?
Mature Woman Blond Hair
Home Hair Fix
Here are some tips to help you fix a bad hair day fast
Soft Layered Hairstyle 40s
Fast Hair Fixes For Older Women
Try a messy updo or forward curl hairstyle
Womans Hair Loss Provillus
Womens Hair Loss ~ Provillus Review
Provillus, a natural hair loss treatment for women
Mature Woman Curling IronHow To Use A Curling Iron
Creating soft curls, big loose curls are easily styled once you know how
Chin Length Bob Older Women
Hair Care For Mature And Older Women
Your hair ages as your skin does
Dandruff Remedies For Older Women
Dandruff Remedies For Older Womens Hair
Control hair dandruff, scalp dandruff, and oily dandruff.

Fine And Limp Hair

Considering Hair Extensions ModelHair Extensions For Older Women
Hair extensions are an option for older women with thinning hair, fine hair, or hair loss
Fine Hair Older Women ModelGreat Style For Older Womens Fine Hair
Having fine hair does not mean that you are unable to acquire beautiful hairstyles
Mature Womens Fine Hair Model
Easy Haircuts For Mature Womens Thin Hair
Add volume and thickness to thin or thinning hair after forty something

Hair Color

Mature Woman Hair Color
Hair Color Tips For Older Women
Help for coloring hair to freshen up the color or for a dramatic hair color change
Hair Dying Tips Older WomenHair Dying Tips
These tips will help your highlights and hair color last longer between dyes

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Beauty By Fifty

Skincare For Older Women

Style Inspiration

Skin Care At Forty And Beyond

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Hairstyles And Haircuts Hairstyle Picture Galleries And Styling Steps. New Looks For The Over Forty Club

Bob Hairstyles

fab at fifty
Fab At Fifty
If you are over fifty and are starting to look it, try this new graduated bob with great color variations and depth
bob makeover for mature womenMature Womans Bob Makeover
The style for mature women is the bob, see how to style a chin length bob
bob hairstyles older women
Bob Hairstyles Older Women
A polished chin length bob gives you a versatile hairstyle that can be casual or elegant
Marth Stewarts Bob
Medium Length Bobs For Older Women
Martha Stewart has long been known for her always-elegant appearance
Betty Whites Hairstyle
Older Ladies Bob Hairstyle
This hairstyle features the lovely Betty White and how to style a classic bob
Oprah Hairstyle
Smooth Flipped Bob For Older Black Women
Choose this medium length smooth bob hairstyle that flatters

Bangs And Fringes

Look Good With Bangs
Look Good With Bangs
A bang or fringe can be very flattering for an older woman, tips to choose the right bang
Grow Out Bangs Older WomenGrow Out Bangs
Growing out your bangs in style after forty something using styling products and hair accessories

Short Hairstyles

Mother Of The Bride Hairstyle
Classy Short Hairstyles For Mother
Of The Bride Or Groom

Style short hair in this classy hairstyle
short haircut for older womanShort Haircuts And Hairstyles for Older Women
A short haircut does not have to mean drab and boring
Bias Cut Older Women
Geometric Bias Haircut
If you are wanting a stylish but easy care haircut this short geometric bias cut is for you
Oval Face Shape Model
Haircuts for Older Women With Oval Face Shapes
Style casual short haircuts like Joanne Woodward's
Senior Womens Short Hairstyle
Senior Womens Hairstyles Gallery
For women over sixty featuring short and medium length hairstyles for seniors

Medium Hairstyles

Mature Womens Elegant Hairstyle
Mature Womens Elegant Hairstyle
Perfect for a special look for the holiday season, wedding, or Anniversary
Lauren Bacall Hair Style
Lauren Bacalls Hairstyle
A very simple but very chic looking hairstyle for the mature woman
Versatile Medium Hairstyle Mature Women
Versatile Medium Hairstyles
softer, layered, more casual for today's modern women who is 40+ or 50+

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Jodie Short Spiked Hairstyle
Short Spiked Hairstyle
Jodie wears a short spiked style with highlights that is up to the minute trendy, see how to style this great short look
Unique Bob Hairstyle Fern
Unique Bob Hairstyle
Submitted to Beauty And The Bath by Fern who combined different hairstyles to create a very unique bob.
Easy Stylish Hairstyle
Short Easy And Stylish
Short Easy And Stylish for this visitor who finally got the style she wanted

Forty Plus Models

forty plus modeling

Forty plus modeling, most think of a modeling career lasting from the teens throughout the mid twenties, and it's true.

Most modeling careers are short lived; however this is changing.

Demand for older models has opened up the market and many models are finding their careers are enduring for the long haul.

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