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Flip Hairstyle Late 1960s The Return Of Simple Hairstyles

1960 flip hairstyle
flip hairstyle
flip hairstyle 1960s
The flip hairstyle late 1960s was in and that big pouffy hair was out. The 1960’s may have started out with big hairstyles like the Bouffant and the Beehive, but as the 60’s came to a close, simplistic, sophisticated hairstyles became all the rage.

As the 1970's approached, big hair was out easy styles like the flip were in.












By the late 1960’s simple hairstyles were far more favored, especially among teen girls and young women. Ladies wanted hairstyles that were easy to work with and did not take as much styling time.
Women were heading out into the workforce and were seeking hairstyles that were feminine, yet did not take as much effort to put together. The weekly visits to the hair salon were a thing of the past and women needed hairstyles that they could achieve at home.
There was also some anxiety about the amount of hairspray necessary to hold the high hairstyles like the Bouffant and the Beehive in place. People at the movies or concerts were repeatedly annoyed when having to look over the top of a woman’s head to see the screen or performers.
The Dick Van Dyke show was one of the most popular shows on television during the 1960’s. Mary Tyler Moore, the star of the show, wore her hair in a signature flip that is still popular today.
Modernized versions of Mary’s flip have been sported by such famous women as Hilary Clinton and Barbra Streisand. Cybill Shepard was a young beauty queen in the 60’s and also loved her version of the flip.
Cybill’s flip was shoulder length, soft and very feminine. Although some women wore their locks brushed back off of the face, Cybill chose to incorporate a side part to her flip hairstyle. Mary’s flip was a part of a very heavily sprayed, backcombed Bouffant. The modern flip however is usually combined with soft, glossy locks.
The flip hairstyle late 1960s was a favorite hairstyle of women in the 60’s because it could be dressed up, dressed down, and be modified to suite just about any look or event. The flip is also an ageless style, being suitable for women of all ages and lifestyles. A great flip can be modified to suit almost every facial shape.
A soft flip is so easy to create by using a vent brush while blow-drying. Use a little styling wax or gel to help get the amount of flip that you want. Your flip can be as soft or as defined, as you like.
Most women typically look best with a flip hairstyle that ends somewhere between the chin and the ears. Longer flips tend to be harder to maintain and are more apt to end up drooping and this will drag your face down.
Flips are easy to shape with a curling iron, hot air brush or a few hot rollers that are rolled upward to create the flip. You can experiment with various hair products and styling tools until you achieve the amount of flip that works best for you.
For a looser flip use larger curlers or a large barrel curling iron. For a tighter flip use small to medium curlers or curling irons.

long flipped hairstyle
long flip center part
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1960s flip hairstyle

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Flip Hairstyle Late 1960s

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