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Faux Hawks The Alternative Mohawk

mens cool faux hawk

It is also so easy to style, if your hair is short, simply use a wax or gel and direct the hair forward and up in the center.

For a Faux Hawk on longer locks, backcomb a rectangular section from your front hairline to your crown.

Slick the sides down close to your head, either behind the ears or secure these sections straight back and underneath the back sections. The Mohawk inspired the Faux Hawk hairstyle.

The Faux version allows you somewhat of an appearance of a Mohawk without having to buzz or shave the sides of the head, thus faux hawks the alternative mohawk.

Such male celebrities as David Beckham, and Colin Farrell pictured here, have made this hairstyle one of the hippest for men.

With a Faux Hawk, either side of the head is cut very close with about 1/4 to 1/2 inches of hair remaining. The sides expand up to the top of the head and join into the center strip of hair that may extend up off the head by 2 to 4 inches.

womens faux hawkThe sides expand up to the top of the head and join into the center strip of hair that may extend up off the head by 2 to 4 inches.

Depending on your hair texture, the center strip will be worn lightly spiked or densely curled.
Another adaptation of the Faux Hawk was the one sported by singing star Nick Lachey. In his messy version, the center hair was worn softer and tousled and less spiky.
Many women are also wearing the chic Faux Mohawk hairstyle. It is trendy, modern and totally sophisticated. Wearing the female version of the Faux Hawk is simple to do right in the comfort of your own home.

Faux Hawks The Alternative Mohawk
How To Style A Faux Hairstyle Styling Steps

style steps Work with hair that is not freshly washed, as natural hair oils will help your style to hold.
style steps Rub a small amount of styling paste such as between your palms, and then smooth them over the sides of your hair.
style steps Use a flat brush to slick the top two-thirds of your hair back into a tight, high ponytail. Leave out a section of hair right along your forehead.
style steps Pull the bottom section into another tight ponytail, right under the first one.

Mist the top of your hair with volumizing spray and with a fine-tooth comb; tease the forehead section at the roots.
style steps Brush it back, and then twist some strands at the ends and push them forward slightly so that the front stands up.
style steps Use bobby pins to secure the ends of that section at the back of your head.
style steps Mist lightly with hairspray for hold.
 Enjoy, Faux Hawks The Alternative Mohawk


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