Fast Hair Fixes For Older Women

These fast hair fixes for older women will leave you looking amazing without asking you to give up more of your already over-extended self.

The women of today are always busy and on the go. Although your time for primping may be limited, you still want to look well put together.

over 40 messy updo hairstyle

To help you save time, thankfully there are a few quick and easy fast hair fixes for older women that will leave you looking as if you spent hours in front of the mirror.

Messy Updos

A great fast hair fix for an older woman who needs to get ready in a hurry is the messy updo. This is a very easy style to achieve and looks fabulous when you are done.

To start with, you will want to remove all tangles from your hair. Take some hair from the front of your face and pull it up from in the front and use an elastic to hold the locks in place. Take the hair from the base of your neck and place it into a ponytail that is not too tight.

Twist this ponytail up towards the top of your head and use hairpins to keep your twist pinned down. You can opt to leave some of the ends of your hair loose and arrange them as desired. It is also fun and slightly elegant to allow a few tendrils to come loose from your twist so that they can frame your face and jaw line. Mist the finished look with hairspray for a nice hold.

Forward Curls

soft layered hairstyle 40s

This fast hair fix for older women is the forward curl. The forward curl is a simple hairstyle that just looks like it took you a long time to achieve.

As you should do before you start to work on any hairstyle, when attempting the forward curl, make certain you have the tools and products you will need ready.

Assemble a blow dryer and diffuser, a small barreled curling iron, a spray bottle of water, curl enhancing balm if necessary and a medium hold hairspray.

The first step in the styling process is to distribute the curl enhancer or some mousse throughout your locks to emphasize any amount of natural curl that you posses.

Comb your tresses and create a part. You should allow your hair to almost fully dry naturally, you can use a towel to help the process along if needed. If your locks contain a large amount of natural curl, scrunch your tresses with your fingers every now and again.

If you opt to use a spray bottle mist often. If you decide to use a blow dryer, lift your locks at the roots while drying. You can also bend at the waist and dry your hair upside down while scrunching to promote additional volume.

Women without a lot of curl to their hair may wish to use the curling iron. No matter which method you decide to use, when your tresses are to your specification, you can mist with hairspray for lasting hold.

Practice Your Chosen Style

If these fast hair fixes for older women sound like hairstyles that you would like to try, the most important thing you can do is to practice them as often as possible. The more time you put into trying hairstyles, the quicker you will become at achieving them. In no time at all you will be able to go from frumpy to fabulous in mere minutes.

A very small amount of time in front of the mirror will have you looking like you spent the whole day in a salon. Another important point to remember is that you can easily change the look of the hairstyles you have mastered simply by changing a few minor details.

If you change the hairpins that you use for example or the barrel size of the curling iron you work with, it will greatly impact the finished hairstyle. To keep your look updated without adding time onto the styling process, simply vary the hair products and or the hair accessories that you use.

Life keeps women busy; both your personal and private time eats up the hours of your day. However, you do not want to compromise having to look good just because you can not find the moments you need to primp.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 3, 2015

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