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Fast Easy Updo For Little Girls Hairstyle

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Little Girls Easy Party Hairstyles
It can be a difficult choice to decide how to style your little girl’s long hair for fancy occasions. An easy up do for little girls is always an ideal hairstyling solution.
fast easy updo little girls

It is an honor when your little girl is chosen to be a flower girl in a wedding. However, besides the dress, the most important aspect of the event for your child, will be the way she wears her hair.

There are also numerous other special occasions and formal events you may find your little girl a part of where her hairstyle needs to be exceptional.

t is important to always keep in mind, that no matter how fussy the affair, your little girl is still a child. As most parents are very aware, children are prone to fidgeting, climbing, crawling, playing and just basically trying to make fun wherever they can. Even the most well behaved little girl can find herself in a spot of mischief now and again!

How many times have you spent countless amounts of time getting your little girl’s locks into just the perfect hairstyle for a formal event, only to have the style look windblown and ragged in no time.

The younger the child, the easier it is for them to mess up their hair, even when they do not mean to. A fast easy updo will ensure your little girl’s locks look wonderful and stay in a pretty style for the entire day.

An up do that is fast and easy can be achieved on your little girl if her locks are long enough to be pulled back. It is not essential that her tresses fall past her shoulders.

All that is needed is enough length to hold up and away from her face. Often times young girls do not like to fuss with fancy outfits and complicated hairstyles. If the event already calls for her to be in a dress that is cumbersome, the simpler the hairstyle, the easier on everyone!

An easy up do will also allow your little girl to be more comfortable allowing her to enjoy this special occasion. With the hair pulled up and away from her face, your little girl will not have to worry about hair falling in her eyes.

Fast Easy Updo For Little Girls Styling Steps

Wash your little girl's hair with gentle products.

Towel dry and with your fingers disperse a small dab of mousse throughout her hair.

Detangle locks with a wide tooth comb.

Allow her hair to air dry if there is time.

If necessary blow-dry her locks with the dryer set on low.

When her hair is fully dry, comb the locks into a high ponytail that rests up on the crown.

Secure with a hair friendly elastic.

Use a large barreled curling iron to create ringlets throughout the hair hanging down

Separate and place the curls as desired with your fingers

If desired mist lightly with hairspray

Tie a variety of colorful ribbons around the elastic and form bows for a fancy finish to this easy updo for little girls.

You can also opt to wash your little girl’s hair the night before and set with rollers or rags. Finger comb the curls out and style as explained.

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