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Fancy Lacy Pirate Costume For Women

Once upon a time, women were considered bad luck onboard a ship.  But a hot pirate princess dolled up just right could charm her way into the heart of Davy Jones himself. 

Pirates have found there way into our everyday life, thanks to Disney and the dreamy Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, so it only makes sense that as Halloween rapidly approaches, they are an obvious and super fun Halloween choice.  Luckily, there are so many variations on your typical pirate that the possibilities are endless. 

Even Captain Jack would have surrendered his ship for a gal in this lacy and sexy gear.  Choose to be a pirate captain in a short ruffly dress complete with bare shoulders and brocade vest. 

Wear a full crinoline and ruffly boy shorts underneath to peek out.  Top your look off with a big captain’s hat with lace trim and ribbons around the brim.  Lots of bows and frills in black and crimson add the finishing touches. 

Fishnets are a must for a pirate costume.  Choose from traditional small weave to the larger skin-bearing fence net.  Try thigh highs or tights that lace up, too, if you can find ‘em.  And you’ll need boots for strolling along the deck.  Use spidery stiletto boots that go to the knee or go even wilder with thigh high buckled boots.  Platforms and wedge boots are a more comfortable alternative, too. 

A proper swashbuckler is definitely going to need a big ol’ sword or a dagger.  Or at least a pistol to deal with swarthy sea dogs!  Find a velvet pouch to hang around your waist (as a purse for the evening), and, if you’re feeling so inclined, a sparkly eye patch.

Wear short fishnet fingerless gloves and lots of big jangly gold jewelry, from layered bangle bracelet to swingy hoop earrings.  Start hunting for huge skull and crossbones pendants to wear. 

Fancy Lacy Pirate Costume For Women ~ Hairstyle Tips
Big, sexy hair looks amazing tumbling out from beneath a swashbuckling hat.  Spritz dry hair with a flexible hold hairspray and twist strands around a medium sized curling iron, leaving the ends kicked out for a slightly more undone look. 

When finished curling, spray hair again and then break up curls with fingers to soften the look.  

Fancy Lacy Pirate Costume For Women ~ Makeup Tips
Go for drama with glamorous pirate makeup.  Eyes can be smoky and big with sparkly charcoal shadow smudged all around the eyes a la Captain Jack Sparrow, although a bit tidier and more polished looking.  Go traditional with lots of rouge, rosy lips, and a faux beauty mark, or finish with a very glossy sheer lip color. 

If you’ve got a fella who’ll dress up as well, let him pick his very own pirate gear and you two can be the king and queen of the seven seas!



Fancy Lacy Pirate Costume For Women


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