Your Face Shape And Profile

Your face shape is your natural guidelines for discovering your own best style and then remaining blissfully content with the choice. Knowing your facial shape is the basis that all of your make overs, whether new makeup, new hairstyles, or extreme make overs should be started.

No amount of plastic surgery, or money spent on the most expensive designer clothes, makeup or hairstyle, will compensate for wearing the wrong styles, it is your natural features that will give you classic beauty.

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Classic Beauties Know Their Facial Shape

What makes a woman a classic beauty? Mere beautiful woman after all can be easily supplanted by the very laws of nature and time. Woman with classic beauty have something more than mere beauty to endure over the years with such irresistibly magnetic force.

  • Do they have marvelously sculpted features?
  • Svelte, often enchantingly attired figures?
  • Do they posses exquisite, fragile beauty, to be protected through life in a princess like role?

No, They are smart. These women know themselves, they know their own facial features, hair color and texture,and the color range of their complexions. Then they find what complements each of these features.

Concise Beauty That Is Classic


catherine deneuve face shape


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helen hunt facial shape

As France's Marianne, the country's symbol of national feminine beauty was the beautiful Catherine Denueve. Forty-five years of Catherine Denueve all with no heavy or long bangs. Why? They would not suit her facial features.

At the top of our list of these classic beauties would also be Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt. Have you ever seen these ladies wear much make-up, if any at all off screen? It is a look that complements and works for them well.

To find your look and to stay in a reasonable range of it as trends and styles fly by you each year will place you in the range of classic beauty.

Easy Guides For Finding Your Facial Shape

In the mirror pull your hair back off your face into a pony or for shorter hair use a head band. Cover one eye, this will help you focus and have a more steady hand. Using a fine eye, brow, or lip liner, draw the out line of your face onto the mirror.

A More Precise Way To Find Your Facial Shape

  • Using a tape measure or a ruler take the following measurements, writing them down as you go.
  • Measure your face across the top portion of your cheekbones.
  • Now measure across your jaw line, from the widest point.
  • Next measure across your forehead at it's widest point. (about halfway between eyebrows and hairline)
  • Last, measure from the tip of your hairline to the chin.

Now, you can now easily find the makeup, hair styles, eye wear, jewelry, and necklines that will compliment you the most. Below are detailed articles to complement each facial shape.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: February 19, 2015

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