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Face shape men and facial features are the first steps in choosing your new hairstyle, haircut, and eyewear.

The right style can compliment a man's facial features or help to downplay any that do not.

All men's face shapes should choose suitable hairstyles with a common goal, to create balance of the face and head and to have the face appear as oval as possible

The oval face shape is considered for both men and women to be the ideal facial shape. It is almost perfectly balanced and can wear almost every hairstyle or cut.

The oval face shape is one of the main facial shapes, with the others being square, diamond, rectangular/oblong and round.

face shape men

Your face shape may not exactly match any of these main categories it will resemble one shape over the others and this is the shape you should go with.

Once you do know your face shape you can then choose your style, hair length and thickness.

Your decisions about hair length, thickness and balance must all relate to the features of these underlying structures.

Mens Oval Face Shape

Oval Facial Shape Characteristics

Since ancient Greece this has been considered the perfect face shape because of the balance.

The length of the face is equal to one and a half times the width and the jaw and forehead are the same width.

This curvilinear shape allows you to wear most hairstyles and frame shapes, so you have the freedom to have some fun and to choose new styles.

Sunglass Choices ~ Oval Face Shapes

Almost any style works for the oval face. Experiment with the latest looks, such as wraparounds or shields.

Square shaped frames with gently rounded edges and higher temples also look good on an oval face.

Your Frame Suggestions

Any frame shape!

jude law oval face shape

Jude Law Men's Oval Face Shape

Your Hairstyle Choices

Choose If your lifestyle allows it, long hair cut in Shags or Surfer styles are good choices for you. Any of the men's classic hair cuts in the shorter styles.

Take a tip from women and choose styles that are smooth and straight back off the face, these shows off the oval face shape to its full advantage.

Hairstyles To Avoid

The oval face shape usually has a slightly rounded hairline, avoid the heavy fringes and bangs; you do not want to cover up those perfect features.

Mens Square Face Shape

Square Facial Shape Characteristics

The square facial shape follows right behind the oval face shape for balance and hairstyling freedom.

Your square face shape will feature a strong angular jaw line almost always accompanied by a square hairline and a broad forehead.

This face shape gives men a rugged appearance and a classic man's man look.

Your Goals

To diminish the bulk of your chin and neck areas and to soften the squared edges.

Sunglasses Choices For Square Face Shapes

You can reduce the angles of your strong jaw line, broad forehead and wide cheekbones with soft, curvy styles that will give your face some definition such as classic ovals or Aviators.

Your Frame Suggestions: Round ~ Oval

arnold schwarzenegger square face shape

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wearing Aviators
Men's Square Face Shape

Your Hairstyle Choices

Choose styles that are clean cut around the ear area and kept close to the sides, flat tops, slightly longer and higher than the classic military flat top.

If you have a natural wave in your hair, longer styles can really compliment your square facial shape.

Matt Damon is a good example, looking great in his version of a somewhat spiky flat top.

Hairstyles To Avoid

Skip those full puffy styles that will add additional width or volume such as a Bob.

Mens Round Facial Shape

Round Facial Shape Characteristics

The length of the face is almost equal to the width is the main characteristic of the circular shaped face.

This gives the appearance of a full round face with the hairline and chin appearing rounded as well as at the ears and cheeks.

Your Goal

To create a more balanced or oval illusion you need to take any emphasis away from the center area of your face. You can do this through creating a more slender and longer look to the face.

Sunglasses For The Round Face Shape

You need to choose frames that make your face appear longer and thinner. In general, look for frames equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face.

You can minimize facial curves and add definition with the frame styles below.

Your Frame Suggestions

Soft, angular, rectangular styles or double brow styles. Frames with higher temples will create a longer profile. Sunglasses with brow bars also pull the eye upward, making your face appear longer.

gerard butler mens round face shape

Gerard Butler Men's Round Face Shape

Your Hairstyle Choices

Choose hairstyles that are styled higher at the top and front. Styles that have volume added to the crown area and tapered back and sides will create a more oval appearance.

A popular men's style to try is the classic College Cut where the bangs can be up to three inches and clippers are used to cut any hair past the crown area.

Have your stylist recommend the best styling gel for your hair type to keep the front up, in spikes or soft layers.

(For those of you who like parted business cuts, aim for a side-parted one.)

Hairstyles To Avoid

Pass up all full round shapes such as Bobs, these will only make your face appear even more rounded.

Mens Oblong Or Rectangular Facial Shapes

Oblong And Rectangular Face Shape Characteristics

This facial shape will be longer than it is wide and with a cheek line that is long and straight.

As with a triangular face shape it can be a challenge to soften your angular lines.

Your Goal

You want to balance facial features and camouflage the hairline area.

Angular lines can also be played down with beards that are kept short, a long beard will only add to the length of your face.

Your Sunglasses

You can widen and shorten your face choosing sunglass styles that do not extend beyond the widest part of your face. Round or square shapes will look great on you.

Frames with short horizontal and long vertical lines also work and frames with decorative or contrasting temples will also add the needed width.

Your Frame Suggestions : Square ~ Round

ben affleck mens oblong face shape

Ben Affleck With Beard
Men's Oblong Face Shape

Your Hairstyle Choices

Try styles that are fuller at the sides to create needed width and shorter at the top.

Trendy styles can work well and you should try some of the new styles that are on the messy or tousled side.

Hairstyles To Avoid

Long hair with a center part, these will also lengthen the face. Avoid any style that is angular at your hairline or that exposes it; add a light fringe to these styles.

Diamond Or Pear Facial Shapes

Diamond Or Pear Face Shape Characteristics

The diamond/pear face shape has a forehead and jaw line that are narrow and high and wide cheekbones.

This facial shape is comparable to the oval and heart facial shapes.

Your Goal

Your goal is to have the face appear broader and create balance and to camouflage the thinner parts of your face.

Facial hair can also balance for this face shape. Fuller hair at the crown and temples will help disguise the thinner parts of your face.

Sunglasses Diamond ~ Pear Facial Shapes

With the wide or high cheekbones and the narrow forehead and chin, oval sunglasses will soften the contour of your face, although softly curved square frames will work as well.

Make sure to choose styles no wider than the top of your cheekbones.

Your Frame Suggestions

Rimless ~ Oval ~ Square

richard gere mens diamond face shape

Richard Gere
Men's Diamond Face Shape

Your Hairstyle Choices

Styles with a full fringe or bang work great with a diamond face shape, Style the hair in a forward direction to further disguise an angular forehead.

Hairstyles To Avoid

Any styles that have too much fullness or volume at the sides, they will only widen the cheekbone area further.

Choosing Frame Colors For Your Skin Tone

Pale complexions

Try lightweight frames or those with a touch of color such as rose or amber. Tortoiseshell frames suit fair complexions (avoid darker versions) but clear, blue or green tinged frames tend to drain color from cheeks.

Dark Complexions

Olive, Mediterranean, Golden or Asian skin and dark hair can look stunning in silver, gold or clear frames – but avoid black which can be too heavy.

Black Skins

All metallic frames suit black skins and amber often works well – be very careful with black frames, which can look spectacular or awful!

Sunglasses And Hair Texture And Length

Soft & Curly Hair

Enhanced by delicate shapes, rimless frames and translucent colors.

Very Curly Hair

Choose a frame that follows your hairline. Classic small frames are advisable. Short Geometric frames, or rounder frames look best

Very Short Hair

Bold colors and designs, as well as the modern decorative styles.

Long Hair

Try the frames with both your hair up and down, as the change in style may alter the look of the frames

mens face shape eyewear

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