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Eyeshadow Shades Go Bright Eye Shadow Color

Color can’t hurt you ladies, and, in fact, it’s good for you to try a playful, bright look on your eyes for a girl’s night out or special occasion. 

When a bold eye takes center stage, the one rule is to keep those eyebrows tidily groomed and, ideally, the rest of your makeup clean and simple on not-too-made-up skin. The look is fun, and fresh, not drag queen goes to karaoke. You may also want to keep hairstyles smooth.

When color is on the menu, as with most other eye color applications, start off by patting on a bit of a good eye base (Benefit’s Lemon Aid or MAC paint in Untitled). 

Don’t be too heavy-handed though, or creasing may occur.Also, when applying color, remember that it’s easier to start out with a little and build to the full color that you desire. It’s no fun to accidentally apply too much and have to break out the makeup remover and start over!


Eye Shadow Make Up Tips
A cheap eye shadow is not always the best eye shadow, some cheap shadows will fade off very fast. You will need a eyeshadow primer when wearing these. Eyeshadow makeup is available in powder, cream, pencil, stick, liquid. Eyeshadow textures come in glitter, matte, metallic waterproof, and smudge proof.

Eye Shadow Palettes offer a rainbow of bright shades and color, pink, grey, silver, black, white, yellow, green, gold, purple, and blue. Watch for dramatic surprise combinations of any of the above. Trendy eye shadow sets with a trio of colors are a good bet, taking the guess work out of matching or blending color shades.


Bright Eyeshadow Techniques

style steps Start by sweeping a warm pink eye shadow all over your eyelid. 
style steps With a soft crease brush, apply a bright fuchsia color in the outer part of the crease of the eye, and blend, blend, blend to build color.
style steps Using the same bright fuchsia and a very fine eyeliner brush, draw a thin line as close as possible to upper lashes.
style steps Grab a shimmer white shadow (MAC Nylon, maybe), and highlight the area just under the eyebrow arch, as well as the inside corner of eyes.
style steps Now onto the bottom lid.  Line just inside the bottom inner rim with a white eye pencil.
style steps Using either a lime green shadow and angled eyeliner brush or a lime green pencil, draw a fine line from the inner corner and extended slightly outside the outer corner. 
style steps Finish with a few coats of black mascara.

Pink and Green Shadow/Liner Eyeshadow

Bright Eyeshadow Techniques


style steps Start with a bright, highly pigmented orange eye shadow. 
style steps Using a small shadow brush, apply color from the inside corner to the middle of the eyelid. 
style steps Repeat along the bottom lash line, just a bit thicker than you would normally line, but still following eye contour.
style steps With another firm, small brush apply bright teal shadow to the outside corner crease, and blend in until it meets the orange color.
style steps Repeat underneath the eye as well.
style steps Highlight under arch of brow with a shimmery white color.
style steps Use a darker blue eyeliner pencil to line inside the lower lid and closely along the upper lash line.  The line should get thicker as it extends outward. 
style steps Finish with several coats of black mascara.

Orange and Teal Shadow/Liner Eyeshadow

Bright Eyeshadow Techniques


style steps Using a rich magenta color, shadow the entire eyelid up into the crease and underneath the eye as well. 
style steps Blend out any visible lines without losing color.
style steps Take your shimmery bronze shadow and blend along the outer shape of magenta shadow. 
style steps Continue to blend like crazy to diminish the appearance of any harsh lines.
style steps With a sharpened black eye pencil, line the inner rim of eye.
style steps Finish with black mascara.

Magenta and Bronze Shadow/Liner Eyeshadow


Make Up Eye Shadow In Pictures
Eyeshadow Shades Go Bright Eye Shadow Color

View this slide show of makeup eye shadow pictures for eye shadow ideas for eye shadow application and inspiration as to how to put on eyeshadow. Any of these eye shadow techniques can be modified. See below the slide show for more tips and ideas.



Eyeshadow Shades Go Bright Eye Shadow Color


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Eyeshadow Shades Go Bright Eye Shadow Color

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