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Eye Lash Extensions

Eye Lash Extensions

Pretty peepers with long, flirty lashes can be the greatest weapon in a gal’s beauty arsenal. 

And there are so many products designed to enhance eyelashes such as eye lash extensions that there’s no reason that any girl should go without. 

From high powered mascaras to the newly popular eye lash extensions, find what suits you best, and let’s make with the eyelash batting.

High Powered Mascara

Mascara is a pretty basic tool that seems to do the trick nicely for most ladies.

 Look for volumizing and lengthening varieties in vibrant blues and greens or basic black and brown. 

Check out the pricey-but-worth-it Dior Show or the tried and true Maybelline Great Lash. There are even lash conditioners and primers to help fatten up that lash line if your mascara needs a bit of a boost.

Apply a single coat to get you out the door in the morning, or several more for a more dramatic look.

False eye lashes and eye lash extensions are available in full strips or individual clusters, and some are half-sized to apply just to the outer corner of the eye for a cat-eyed look. 

There are many styles and colors of extensions from the wild and bejeweled, to barely there natural.  Everything you need is available in kits for home use.

Application can be tricky, especially for newbies, but with a little practice, you’ll soon be batting lashes with the best of ‘em.

Strip Lashes

Strip eyelashes are the easiest to apply, and can be trimmed with small scissors to fit your eye. 

Once the strip is properly sized, apply a very thin line of glue to the edge, using either a toothpick or the nozzle of the glue tube itself.  Blot off any excess with your finger. 

Wait a moment or two for the glue to become tacky, and then carefully press the edge of the lash strip into your lash line, paying special attention to the ends, which can sometimes be tricky.

Hold in place for a few seconds, and then open up those peepers and blink normally.

If any of your natural lashes have gotten caught or connected, break them up with your fingertip. Repeat on the other eye.

Strip lashes, especially the more dramatic varieties, can feel pretty weird when you first put them on.

They take about ten minutes or so to settle, and soon enough you’ll be used to them and may even forget you’ve got them on.

To remove strip lashes, pull them gently off from the outside in.

For Long Flirty Lashes

Individual Lash Extensions

Individual lashes can be a little trickier. Most commonly used for bottom lashes, dip the ends in adhesive with tweezers and gently press just below the lower lash line.

Repeat in either a thick row or stagger for a Twiggy effect.

Consider A Lash Salon

If that all sounds like a lot of work for the doe eyes you want daily, you may want to look into getting eyelash extensions at a local eyelash extension salon. 

The prices can vary, but usually start at about a $150 for an initial application and about $50 for a fill, usually about every three weeks.

The process is rather time consuming, and you will want to do your homework before making an appointment.

False Eye Lashes

The results are astounding, though, and you can toss your mascara in the drawer for a while. There are special, gentler mascaras that can still be worn over your extensions.

There are quality salons with people who have eyelash extension training that feature semi permanent eyelash extensions, permanent eyelash extensions, and even 3d eyelash extensions.

You can treat your lashes to a lash tint or lash perming.

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Eye Lash Extensions
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