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Emo Hairstyles And Haircuts For Guys

Pete Wentz Emo Hairstyle

Guys Emos

Emo hairstyles and haircuts for guys can be subtle, layered like Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy or extreme Emo with color, highlights and shaving.

One of the hippest hairstyle trends for guys these days are Emo hairstyles. Emo is all about being individual and styling your hair in a way that makes you happy, despite what others may think.

There are a variety of Emo hairstyles available for guys. However, most of these Emo hairstyles do have a number of common characteristics.

Emo Color

Typically, the Emo hairstyles start with a black base. Often, they incorporate random streaks of brightly colored highlights throughout.

These highlights may be all the same shade, or a variety of different colors. However, the favorite color for highlights is frequently red.

Your average Emo hairstyle for guys will usually have a fringe as well. This fringe can either cover one eye, or a large part of the entire side of your head.

Styling Products

Emo hairstyles for guys require a variety of styling products to maintain the look.

You will need to include such items as gel; mousse, pomade, styling wax and hairspray into your hair care routine.

Although most Emo hairstyles appear to be casual and wash and wear, they actually take a good deal of styling to maintain.

A large number of guys with Emo hairstyles opt to shear there locks themselves instead of visiting a salon.

If you wish to cut your hair into an Emo style yourself, you will need to have a few tools on hand such as- scissors, a razor and a good hair dye to complete the look.

Anything really does go when it comes to an Emo hairstyle for guys. The more bold your style, the better. Some guys with Emo hairstyles also decide to grow their sideburns long to compliment their cut.

Style Inspiration

Styling Tips

Styling Waxes

Styling wax will add a high gloss finish to your hairstyle. This product is for use on dry hair.

Simply rub a small amount between your palms and use your fingers to mold your hair into the desired style for hold and definition.

Straightening Gels

The natural moisture of your hair will be locked in place while your curls are tamed.

Curly, frizzy and hard to control hair is easily managed with this styling gel. Your hair will be left lightweight, straight and sleek.


Your hair will be easy to mold and left full of texture with this water-based pomade. Ideal for short, funky and men’s hairstyles it will leave you with a rough, chunky look.

This pomade is easy to wash out and provides your hairstyle with a strong hold

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Emo Hairstyles And Haircuts For Guys
Updated December 14, 2012

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