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long emo fringe

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The pictures above show how the emo style can be toned down for a more subtle effect for mainstream lifestyles.

Emo Bangs
Emo Fringes

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Emo Bangs Emo Fringes

A set of Emo bangs or fringes accompany most Emo hairstyles. Emo bangs and fringes, can completely update and change the look of your current Emo hairstyle.

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Emo Style

Although the length can vary, an Emo fringe or bangs are typically worn long. Often times, the bang or fringe is actually longer than the hairstyle itself.

The bangs or fringe on an Emo hairstyle will often be parted to one side.

Usually, the bang or fringe of the Emo hairstyle covers one eye, if not the entire side of the face. Those who sport Emo hairstyles tend to enjoy experimenting with textures and colors. The bang or fringe area is no exception to this rule.

Emo Bangs Emo Fringes ~ Color

A large number of Emo hairstyles have a base color, with highlights or lowlights throughout. These highlights and lowlights are often bright, contrasting colors. Often, the bang or fringe area will be composed of a single or numerous colors. Sometimes the color of the bangs and fringe are entirely different than the shades already incorporated throughout the hairstyle.

The bangs and fringes of an Emo hairstyle, is typically the finishing compliment to the look. However, there are occasions where the bangs or fringe are the focal point of the hairstyle itself. Some Emo hairstyles are composed of shaved tresses in the back, leaving the bang or fringe to catch your eye.

There is no rule when it comes to Emo bangs or Fringes. Dare to be as bold as you want. Break out a razor and texturize your fringe. Make the bangs as choppy or chunky as you like. The important part is that you have fun molding your bangs or fringe in a direction that makes you happy.

There is no set or specific way to style your Emo bangs or fringes. The draw for many of Emo styles are that they are meant to be individual and fun. Play with texture, color, and styling products to create the exact look that you want for your Emo bangs and fringes.

There are a large number of styling products available on the market that offer you a variety of options when it comes to styling your hair. Below are a few styling aids that you might find helpful when shaping your Emo bangs or fringes.


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Emo Bangs Emo Fringes


Emo Bangs Emo Fringes

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