Elfin Hairstyles Style That Is Easy And Cute

Elfin hairstyles, style that is easy and cute, the super cute, cropped elfin hairstyle has been around for a number of years.

Like many of the most popular hairstyles of today, the elfin has made a comeback and is hotter than ever.

Some of Hollywood's top female celebrity's have graced the big screen wearing an elfin hairstyle.

In the 1950's, Audrey Hepburn sported an undeniably cute elfin haircut, followed by Mia Farrow and super model Twiggy in the 1960's.

the 1960s elfin look

These days, a number of young stars such as Keira Knightly have followed suit with updated versions of this look and the elfin is once again all the rage.

What Is An Elfin Hairstyle?

cute blonde elfin hair

An elfin cut refers to an assortment of short, layered haircuts. Typically the hair is clipped over the ears and can incorporate wispy bangs. At times, it may or may not have longer hair on the top of the head.

The crucial feature of an elfin cut is close-cropped layers that frame the face and lay close on the sides and back of the head. The elfin hairstyle is by far one of the easiest looks to maintain.

The Best Wash And Wear Style Ever

modern short elfin haircut

You could not ask for a haircut that is more wash and wear. A quick combing is all it takes to have you ready to walk out the door. This short, contoured cut looks just as fabulous wet or dry and can be dressed up easily if desired.

If Pirates of the Caribbean cutie Kiera Knightly's updated elfin hairstyle is in your future; a visit to your beautician will have you well on your way.

An Elfin Style Makeover

before and after elfin hairstyle makeover

When we have a makeover we want to see and feel a difference, and going from a chin length style to a cute elfin cut makes a big difference any women would be pleased with.

A perfect low maintenance cut for a casual lifestyle or your busiest days. Elfin styles can left longer on top giving it a very edgy look. It leaves you enough length for a do for special occasions but still keeps with the elfin urchin style.

elfin haircut before picture

I hope these before and after pictures helps you see the possibilities of updating your hairstyle to one so easy and cute.

elfin haircut after picture

elfin rocker hairstyle

I always try to have a rebel in every gallery and I found her, she rocks out her Elfin with longer wispy trendils at the sides. Just to be different. A very modern way to take the Elfin cut from cute to sexy.

elfin hairstyles

Cutting A Cute And Easy Elfin Hairstyle

Following are the basic cutting and styling techniques for a cute elfin style.

Ask your stylist to give you a layered contoured shape with fringe on the sides and neck.

The crown of your hair should be cut short to allow it to stand up for a funkier style.

The bangs should be cut to just below the brows and swept to the side.

Razor cut or thinning shears are used to taper ends and soften facial features.

Elfin Hairstyle Styling Steps

side view cute elfin haircut

Comb a small amount of styling gel through damp hair.

Blow-dry if desired or allow to dry naturally.

Rub a dab of shine serum between your palms and smooth your hands over your locks to create shine.

Feel free to play with your elfin hairstyle. Styling products can be used to create dramatic and fun hairstyles if you choose.

The hairstyle gallery below features variations of cute elfin hairstyles. As with any style allow yourself the option to personalize to your tastes and style.

elfin hairstyle over 50

If you are a women over 50 and literally just want to wash, dry, and go this chic and short elfin is your style. You finally have an empty nest and do not want to spend that free time on your hair.

elfin features face

Some women do have almost Elfin features, the style is perfect for this face shape to accent their enchanting almost Fairy like cheekbones and eyes. So Elfin cute!

elfin fairy hairstyle

elfin haircut

side view short elfin haircut

side view of cute elfin hair

elfin hair

pretty elfin haircut

More Easy Short Styles

Elfin Hairstyles Style That Is Easy And Cute
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